Mostly monster problems


I played with it a lot and really loved the game but now I have a really big problem with it. Finding the monster is really easy since there is a satellite and every hunter can activate doom- are you high or what? With the satellite the monster needs to keep moving fast. The player can’t afford sneaking around because the satellite will show it’s position. You just killed the previous monster strategies. And the doom was the reason of the hunter, a class scpecific ability. And there’s still the time limit problem. I kept eatimng durimng the match I only had 30 second left when I could have evolved to stage 3. Monsters need more time. And you should remove the shield when the evolving is done.
Okay, you made it a F2P game but you ruined it as well. These little ‘mistakes’ might ruined everything,


I think they wanted to make the game that way. Forces players at a faster pace to keep the game play moving instead of people running around looking for a hidden monster.

I am going to try it tonight and hope I like it.