Most use pencils, others pens. But I use this. (Image)

Just don’t touch it when it’s moving. That would be bad

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I use old school phone cords too :+1:

P.S. I have no idea what that thing is. A laser?

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I think it’s a lathe(sp?). Possibly one for metal, not wood.

Hank uses a Laser too. :smile:

yes it’s a lathe for metal and wood (if it cuts metal it’ll cut wood lol)

no, see the whole in the cylinder? What you do is is put an object in it, and it rotates it, and up to very fast speeds. Because it’s going so fast, as soon as the tool cutter touches it, it’ll immediately start peeling off the metal.

That looks like a horrific torture device…

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I think I’ll take the phone cord… less of a chance to injure myself… Still a chance, mind you. Just less.

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Makes sense. I’m just used to metal workers using different tools than wood workers. I think metal workers need more resilient tools because metal is harder, and fatigues tools faster.

Cool though. If I had an infinite budget, I’d want a Forge instead though :smile:

they can be. theres alot of painful shit involved with lathes. at one point there was this guy in my class who got his buttoned shirt caught in the lead screw of the lathe. sure, you can rip a shirt, but when it twists that fast it becomes a rope. i was only about 20 feet away but if there hadnt been someone literally 3 feet away from him, the dude couldve suffered a whole lot worse than a ruined shirt.

oh lol that cord connects to the console (only see the corner of its back in the picture. It’s for running various programs (this thing can be fully automatic if you know how to do it)

The cutting tools used are either made of carbide or H.S.S. (i think that means high speed steel) And we usually cut Aluminum or steel, both of which aren’t as hard a material as the tools are. According to my teacher, stainless steel is a pain in the ass to work with. Aluminum, on the other hand, cuts like butter sometimes.

He did.

He lost his dignity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what I’m looking at…

You use a…lab?

It’s a lathe, used to cut through metal or wood.

What do you make on this metal lathe?

Horrible, horrible devices of pain and miser- AHEM. Uh…Ask him? :smiley:

When I was reading the title, I expected to see this:

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Did I not? I replied to the thread. Not a post.

Ignore @MidnightRoses, she’s just trying to be funny :slight_smile: