Most unbalance monster ever (Elder Kraken)



So I am thinking the Elder Kracken is the most unbalanced monster in any patch? Even more so than Wraith, Kracken, and Behemoth back in the day. What do others think?



I would have to unfortunately agree. Though Kraken is a much more pain in the behind, Kelder had the ability to instakill before this patch. Just that no one played him because they were to afraid to get chase comped because he was so slow. But guys, if you are going to have a monster that instakills, then you have to have him slow and squishy, what would happen if his speed was increased and abilities were made easier to land??


Imma add on to your post-

And faster casting ability animations, longer range, and extreme pounce range. Pounce-spamming was annoying already, and now he will never let a Hunter slip away with his range.

He’s basically a flying Goliath with 200% faster rock throw (banshee missile), laggy charge (Kelders vortex thingy), broken firebreath (chain lighting is still a joke), and distant leap smashes (lightning strike, but doesn’t have to move to do damage, keeping him distant from where LS is hitting).

And we all thought fighting Kraken was bad… He still is, but Kelder is just what Kraken would look like in up-close combat. Still broken lol.


Idk what to say about elder kraken since really good team on hunter favored map can wipe him clean. Guys don’t forget that evolve is getting reworked, there is reason for his buffs.


Don’t forget that shutting down a discussion of a questionable change just because we don’t know what the final result will be is like shushing your friend when he asks why the taxi is taking you down a dark road in the woods when you ordered a ride to downtown.

It’s better to speculate on what we know for sure, than “what if”.


One word… yes, yes he is.


Notice the word “can” you need to play with almost no mistakes with a good team to beat a good elder kraken.


Heck, you need to be on a good team with no mistakes to beat an ok or below average elder kracken.


An ok elder kraken is scary but you can beat it with an ok team.

The problem is with people who knows what they are doing.


I’m just stating facts, the devs know what their doing this time. Its going to be very different when they rework the game.

Also @MrTalha no need for you to act a bit rude. You people gotta trust the devs, sure some changes may seem questionable, but people of Evolve they know what they are doing. We as a community should put our trust in them.

Edit: OH no I’m turning into Mister chief!


No, you’re not stating facts, other than things are getting reworks. There was no reason at all to buff his already powerful abilities. The problem was that he was slow as shit and his chain lightning was/is trash. It’s perfectly valid and reasonable to question people when they make decisions that are, quite honestly, stupid.

It’s the same with Kraken’s banshee mines (cannonballs) and increasing the radius on abilities without updating the visuals. Should we just lie and tell the devs ‘Good job, this patch was great. Kelder isn’t stupidly broken at all!’ or should we raise complaints so they know to avoid those types of decisions in the future? It’s not an excuse to rag on them, but to say we shouldn’t question their thought process after something like this is ridiculous. Criticism leads to progress.


As long as it’s constructive and we respect one another and the developers, criticism will always be welcomed here. No matter what aspect of the game we happen to be discussing.


ive actually beat like 4 out of 9 kelders in quickplay he couldnt fight my dodging skills as emet which mostly costed him 2 games the \otgers i was crow and banging that armor


Key word there is quickplay. I’ve not been particularly impressed by the skill of pub players.


most of us were rank 40 there was one 35 and no one used mics and ur support was hanks/tech sarg hanks that knew what they were doing


As a pub player…


Rank 40 is no indicator of skill.


It’s true though. Most of the time me and @Terry_Locke play quickplay and just rip through Monsters without a problem.


i remember a arena match with kelder where i got screwed and got stuck in the corner and before i knew all my health was gone even i had my emet healing all over me


I honestly think that we should just see what the rework has in store for us.

If its completely garbage and its unbalanced, @Terry_Locke @Conjugate @distance5k @XplosionIncorporated @Torvald_Stavig feel free to grab your pitch forks and torches :smile: