Most played charecter list


Hello all I was just wondering if there was a list that showed most and least played charecters including monsters. If you know that list then please link it or post it. Thanks

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You can see the top 3 characters you played by going to PROFILE then GLOBAL hope this helps :smiley:


I didn’t know that so thanks but I was wondering about the entire community’s most played characters.


Would love to see these stats as well! I love to see game statistics in general ^^

  • Most preferred class (monster counting as class)
  • Most selected character per class or monster
  • Win/Loss ratio for each character/monster

I’m betting on kraken, Hyde, hank, caira (more popular in pubs than slim) and I’m not sure for trapper. Probably Maggie, because daisy is bae


You can ask for that kind of info in here :smile:

New "Telemetry and Game Balance"

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K thanks all