Most picked perks: Monsters


I wanna let everyone knows most picked perks. Especially for beginners who don’t know what to take.

19% Feeding speed
18% Movement speed
16% Damage bonus
16% Cooldown reduction
11,5% Stamina increase
11,5% Damage reduction
4% Smell increase
3,5% Armor regeneration
0,5% Climbing speed

I really recommend 1-5 option. 6 isn’t bad but not my cup of coffe. 7-9 are just totally bad, don’t take them.

New perk idea, you will like it!

Actually I really, really love Smell Increase. Wonderful perk if you play to its strengths.


what are it’s strengths? Besides the obvious pork.


You can see Hunters coming from a ridiculous distance. It makes it very easy to outmaneuver them, set up ambushes or jukes, track down a fleeing hunter, etc. Lots of things.


ah, I might have o try it out sometime.


Gonna try this out now, thanks xDD


But 1-5 are combat perks, that’s what I need.

I mean… Those perks are great in the dome. Smell perk is not.

I’m not type of player who is running 15 minutes for stage 3 full armor and try to avoid all domes. I’m playing agressively at stage 2 and really often even at stage 1.

Edit: i’m recommending perks especially for beginners. Smell perk is for more skilled players.


Yep, combat perks are what experienced players should be taking for the most part.

I find Move Speed to be an excellent one. Lets you close the distance between you and your targets much more effectively.


But on the hunter’s end, it is extremely annoying to play against.


And on the Monster’s end, everything is extremely annoying. Tranqs. Stasis. Harpoons. Ridiculous healing. Shields. Spore Clouds. Torvald in general. Sunny in general. The ability of the Hunters to dance around you if they’re good enough. Playing Monster is inherently frustrating.

Regardless if you want to continue this discussion open a different thread or PM me. I’d rather not derail this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’m just saying that the smell range is really annoying for the hunters. Eh not really trying to have a discussion. Sounds like you’re quite fed up with playing monster though.


If I can choose one of those annoying things it’s spore clouds, hate them so f… much.

And that’s why is Slim my fav character. His clouds makes monsters mad, sad, bad, frustrated… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve just hit a wall with it. Like writer’s block, if you will. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll always keep playing it though. Even if it hurts more and more every time. I won’t give up on us. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Mammoth_Bird I like using Slim vs a trashtalking monster to annoy him. :stuck_out_tongue:


And I like using Slim all the time and especially on bushes/greenes/grasses maps.

<3 aviary
<3 fusion plant
<3 refueling tower
And also dark maps such as Medlab

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She’s too polite to say it but PILLAR HUMPING ASSHOLES is what that translates too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, try playing against someone who can abuse pillars pretty well. You’ll want to break your keyboard.


I was this close to typing that but I’d prefer to abstain from the use of profanity as I have insofar. :stuck_out_tongue: But yes. That is the most accurate term.

And I’m not saying it’s OP- I do think it is but I won’t discuss that here. It’s just very frustrating.


I used to always go Cooldown reduction. Like, from release up until Behemoth release. With him, I felt I need to hit more with my roll and normal attacks, so I gave Damage bonus a chance. I loved that. Now I ALWAYS pick that. Like, legitimately always. It’s such a helpful perk. I can even outdamage Caira at Stage 3 if I do it right, depending on build and monster picked.


Well that’s why movement speed is my go-to perk these days, especially after the buff. Feeding speed is second for the smaller maps where the hunters are always around the corner and you only have about 2 seconds to eat your wildlife for armor.

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I’m taking stamina inc for Behe and I feel like I have no stamina for 90% time of the game. Really can’t imagine to play without that perk. But i reall want…! Hope for a little behe stamina buff.


I too am a movespeed convert. I was ready to give up on Goliath being a buggy mess but this perk has brought life back to him for me. Also been using it nonstop on Wraith since the perk patch – her Supernova melees feel so fluid with it. Undecided on Kraken and Behemoth, though. My reasons:

1). Makes it easier to escape Sunny+Griffin.
2). Makes it easier to eat and evolve and get to buffs faster.
3). Makes it easier to get to favorable terrain when a fight is coming up.
4). Makes it easier to keep melees on the Hunter you want to focus.
5). Additive with tranq/stasis and not multiplicative (this might get fixed).
6). Sneaking and juking are faster and it directly counters a Maggie pick.
7). Fewer missed heavy attacks on wildlife (grr).
8). Makes Trapper 25% more angry.
9). Gotta go fast!

Yeah it doesn’t affect the traversals and movement abilities, but after the patch I feel like there’s no other viable option with all the nerfs. Before, I would consider traversal if I knew it was Torvald, or damage or cooldown or sometimes even feeding speed as other general choices depending on the map. Now? Movespeed 100% of the time. OP? Probably. But it’s allowing me to finally have fun against the godcomp, so pls no nerferino!