Most pathetic opponents you encountered?


This just happened so I had to share.

I join a game in progress, as Wraith, with horrible abilities/perk, trapped in a dome at stage 1 and 3 bars of health. Playing against Val + 3 T4 hunters. I manage to survive to stage 3, but then lose due to Val’s 10 second slow where as a Wraith you really can’t do anything and your speed is reduced by 75%. So okay, lost that one.

Second match, I take Wraith with my abilities/perk and stomp them hard on stage 2 with no armor, only losing a couple bars of health. Setup was Val + 3 T4s again.

3rd match, they expect me to take Wraith again, but I switch to Goliath. They replace Val with Caira. After the match starts, they immediately start spamming ‘Restart match?’ vote. It fails 3 times, and all 4 of them disconnect within 5 seconds, kicking me back to lobby.

Any similar stories?


Or, one of their players actually had a glitch happen, wanted to still play against you, and tried to restart the match but you were the guy who didn’t…

Just a though.


Does all the times the hunters couldn’t find me and had the trapper switch to idle count?



And no, if they wanted that, they could’ve finished that fight and play another one. Otherwise they wouldn’t leave, would they? And, I wasn’t that far away from them, all 4 were moving at the start, and all of their names were marked under their class when I pressed ESC.


Every team seems pathetic when I play monster these days… Just got kicked out of the match because I successfully downed Parnell with 3LS + 3V combo. He quits. Trapper follows, then support and then medic, all in the time frame of 20 seconds. 3 minutes of a match, wasted.


No but I’m saying if they glitched off the dropship they are going to try and restart. This happened to my group last night. Playing against a really good monster and our trapper glitched and we tried to restart three times before we said ok w.e fuck this guy he doesn’t want to restart for a fair match. So we all left of course lol. Why are we going to stay in a game where we can’t win and one of our players had to do nothing for like 15 minutes.


It’s pretty pathetic when you get those games where the Monster runs the entire match, then refuses to fight at Stage 3. I’ve either had to run out the timer or force them with the arena.


During the St.Patricks day challenge a monster thought it would be a good idea to pounce someone stage 1 with no armor. Needless to say 1 orbital and a dome later the match was over in 50 seconds.


On the other end of that spectrum its pretty pathetic when you jump out of the drop ship just to be trolled by the armorless monster who just sits their cause he doesn’t want to play monster… Heres a novel idea… Quit… And we’ll play the rouund against a not that probably will do better than you anyways bro

But the people who run beyond stage 3 a re absurd… Like their going for a stage 4 win…when I know I’m stage 3 and still outclasses by an amazing team…then u suck up your nuts… Get that max armor and go for the medic/trapper kill… Being annoying/kiting is definetly a legit monster tatic here… If it keeps u alive… Who cares what the community thinks… Running does not equate to winnibg


When a Monster does nothing but run. At Stage 3. With full armor and a buff.

When this happens I ask the team to go back off and we win by timer and relayblocking.

Cheesiness begets cheesiness.


In just a pub match but with a group of 4 other really good players. Good communication and all that. So after some number of matches one of the group got put onto monster for the first time since we got grouped together. Mind you, this is after 5 or 6 matches already so we know that we’re all a random pub group and nobody is teamed.

So he takes his Kraken and the match goes until Stage 3. After a number of hit and run encounters all four hunters had two strikes and Kraken was low health. We were waiting at the relay and kept doming after he was at half armor. We were playing AMAZINGLY well. I don’t know that I’ve played at that level since. We had a Hank and he was on point with the shield gun so Kraken wasn’t actually able to down any of us. Once the dome dropped he’d run to get Armor but not before losing some more health. This kept up for what felt like 15 minutes (the total match time was 26 minutes) and we eventually beat him. We cheered like we just won some tournament because that was an awesome match. We all get back to the lobby and were congratulating the Kraken on such an amazing fight but all he says in return is “Fuck you you fucking 4-man teams” and leaves.

I’ll remind you once again that we were all pubs that had been fighting together as the same group for at least an hour and a half. He knew we were just a pub group but I guess he forgot it in his pants-shitting rage quit.


I’ve had a match in progress that just started as Monster once where I was in first person, had no skills, 5%hp with 2 health bars max and 2 empty armor bars max and couldn’t do a thing but walk around veeeeery slowly. After the Hunters dropped right ontop of me they didn’t even see me and ran right by. The rematch vote nearly didn’t go through because they obviously had one of those no rematch douches in the team. Would’ve been funny though having them waste 22 minutes of their time without being able to find me until the time runs out.

Be a gentlemonster next time and just vote for a rematch, who knows why they called for one. In case of a glitch it was the nice thing to do, in case of them being butthurt about their setup just pick Wraith again, since you obviously expected them to revote because of your Monsterpick. If they leave after you repicked another Monster once again you have all reason to call them out for bad sportsmanship.


had some salty guy that wanted medic and went idle until the end of the game, constantly talking on the mic waiting for us to win/lose


Played 2 games against a team that would get Rekt every fight but the support would not even join the fight, just stand miles away cloaked. When they lose the fight they spam restart match. After the second game I left lobby and then received spam messages saying in bad because I play Kraken.

Honestly though Ive only has the single bad experience, everyone that plays Evolve seems to be a resonable and mature player that says GG after every match.


The ones that decide to light up their bong or pipe DURING the game and dont put their character on Take a Break. Or they do and never take it off.


I have to agree with yours… Goliath’s that can’t engage…


And have the nerve to call themselves “Godzilla”…


That guy… He was slightly annoying…

He ran for 23 minutes, and then had a friend in the background telling him to say we were “rekt”…


Joining a match as a hunter (mainly monster player) wanted to try hunting something bigger than me rather than hunting 4 little mice. Got put as the trapper and saw support being eaten by a plant, assault hunting the monster by himself on the other side of the map, medic was halfway between me and assault with everyone at half health or in red. Smh I help support , he drops and orbital on the dead plant, assault dies, and I just sigh and slowly press start,up,A,A


I rarely get more than 2 games in a row as the monster. Nobody likes to roflstomped. Lol