Most hated type of mastery challenge


Any mastery that you can only get once a round is not fun. Like sunny’s jet pack booster for 3rd star. If I get 160 seconds in a rounds it should count 4 times. Just sayin lol


Most people are pissed at Slim, his grenade launcher is a pain I hear. Only monster people like to fight while trying to get it, is the Behemoth because he’s slow. That one might take the cake.


Slims mastery all the way. Hardest thing to do ever.


Kraken’s aerial vortexes…


Are you serious?


Behemoth isn’t too bad, just takes as long as original monsters mastery use to


Yeah, what was it, 275 mid air Vortexes? Laaame.


I got that one done in a couple hours though. This one makes you play 20 rounds basically . And if you don’t get it add a round


Vortex mastery takes awhile but I got like 25-30 a game


Exactly. I did that one quick


I’m not looking forward to it. Any tips ? Almost done with sunny and then slim is last .


I can give you my suggestions…how I did it, I went to Fushion plant and got to stage 2 full armor. You can go into the fusion plant if you like and stay at the very top, 3rd level, and continually vortex them as they leap from a platform to get to you…or do you know the area right when you first spawn? A more reliable vortexing method as monster awaits you near here. Just turn around from the spawn point overlooking the ravine and head back in the opposite direction. You’ll find a tall man-made pillar structure. I loved to sit on top of that and vortex them as they were flying up to get me. You often get 2-3 hunters each time.


Any tips for slim’s 3rd star?


1,000,000 Headshot damage with an INcapp Pistol?


Do it with friends or ask for help, idk how the devs agreed to that insane mastery, I’m trying to elite Behemoth but god, 175 mid-air tongue grab is insane or Sunny’s third star jetpack boost lol


Behemoth was easy too. Just fissure then grab. Easiest way. Just time consuming.


That’s what I don’t like, it’s time consumimg while the rock wall challenge was so fast


Anything that is X in a match, because then I have to play a bunch of matches, which I typically find to be slower than any raw quantity based one.

I’m looking at you, Lazarus revives.


Maggie’s ‘Trap the monster with 2 traps at once 50 times’ challenge. Honestly, screw that.
Val’s ‘Have teammates deal x amount of damage on your weakspots’ challenge because you’re way too reliant on teammates for a personal challenge.
Hanks orbital strike ones, because I suck at landing orbital strikes.

Those are the only ones I legit have issues with, the rest are just time consuming.
Conversely, I managed to get Bucket’s Elite sentry challenge in one match. I got 2 stars and then 3 in the same game. I think it’s to do with killing wildlife, and we had to deal with the ‘Agressive wildlife’ Evacuation perk so I got it ridiculously fast.


I dislike all masteries, you shouldn’t have to grind ages to get your characters to full strength, especially not in a competetive game which Evolve wants to be. This stpid grind always reminds me of MMO, with grinding better gear, blech. Sure you learn the use on the way, but having a handicap just because you haven’t played that character often enough, is something i dislike since alpha.

No wonder ESL disables this, because it is just a timesink nothing more and on top of that you get permanent buffs, which other players don’t have, just because they havent played long enough. Masteries in Evolve are just a simple treatmill with the wrong rewards for a competetive game. In a competetive game you earn visual enhancements not ‘better gear’


Wasn’t that bad, I got it before they reduced the count needed. XD