Most familiar dialogue or one-liners!


This thread is for those bits of dialogue or monologue that you hear all the time and can’t enough of or hate so much. Make sure to specify which is which. :smile:
For all of these my top will be the one I love, and the bottom will be the one I hate.

Damage Amp, Damage Amp, Dama-dama-damage Amp!
#None, E.M.E.T. is perfect.

The conversation with Sunny where she claims she will get him a puppy.
I have more!

Gobi’s gawt it!


Was hoping this was about movie quotes, I got a shit ton of those.

I personally hate the dialogue between Maggie and Hank on how she got Daisey because “you ain’t never been to shear before.” Every match with those 2 it plays and it’s so annoying tbh.


I also get sick of some of the convos.


For real though, like damn Hank…how many times do you forget the same story?!


Write some more. Nobody would complain about new dialogue.


Costs a lot of money to bring the actors in and then localize it in seven languages. That’s the hitch.

We may record more though, that’s not unreasonable. We went back in the studio after launch and recorded a ton more and dropped them into the game. I thought that was pretty awesome, for 2K to foot the bill on that.


I was thinking 2K paid for all of it to begin with. Didn’t know you’d have to take it out of pocket for more, though.


There’s a nice poetic one where Lazarus assures Griffin that when the lights go dim it will be Lazarus who brings him back.
I absolutely love that one. Shame I haven’t heard it in a while.

Also it’s already been at least a year since Hank’s famous “Grilled Canyon Eel Accident”.
Drop it, Hunters. I somewhat cringe when I hear that one for the 100th time.


“I quite like this. Nice little stream, down to a lake. S’kinda… Soothing.”
“Yes! All the waste product from the algae processing operation running down to a pool of stagnant death :D”
“Eh. Figures.”

Laaaaaaz, Hyde was having a moment there and you ruined iiiiiiiiiit D:


ooohhhH!!! the one where hyde stands up for laz saying “well you aint no fucking freak, Laz” i adore that one!

i dislike the one between laz and jack where laz completely disses hyde with his brain being like oatmeal/


Preach it! Hyde is life.


A lot of Emet’s lines are amazing, but if I had to pick one single quote that I’ve known the longest:
“You fucked with the wrong motherfucker motherfucker!”


Isn’t that Abe’s?


I think @moiser can agree with me on this one but… “BOOM! Healing burst!” or my personal favorites: All of cairas dialogue


“Maggie, how’d ya end up with a trap jaw? Ya never been to Shear before?”

And so forth, every game that has those two. They always say this.


Perhaps badly phrased. I meant that, while most of EMET his lines are amazing, the best line is that one. Wasn’t saying it was his, only saying that that line is the best. Reading it back, it indeed seems like I mean to say that I think that is Emet his best line, however, I meant to say that is just the best line, and not necessarily emet’s best line. If I make any sense at all


EMET is the end. He is death.




My favorite is when you’re engaging the monster and it’s absolute chaos, the conversation will still continue. It’s funny to imagine that they’re more interested in their own discussion then fending for their lives.


But EMET didn’t say that, Emet did!

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