Most epic bug! 2 player controlled krakens!


This was the most sick awesome ass bug I have ever experienced! It started out as me joining as monster and being in some mode where I had no health and could slowly move around, So I opted to restart the game and it passed and I was picking monster when I notice instead of my name it was another players and mine wasn’t listed and I was confused, but when the game started there were 2 krakens and the other guy immediately said “What the hell?” And I was able to talk back to him on my mic! I was astounded as was he! so we started going out and hunting and I got captured and he came to my aid! when everyone saw 2 krakens like 2 to 3 ppl quit.

After the last one ran away we approached each other to test some things, we started attacking each other with melee attacks and the other kraken would flinch from the attack! Could this have been hinting at some early monster vs monster mode?! This was so crazy! I really want to find this other monster player to friend him! His name was like Vexile or something!

P.S. this probably belongs in the bug section but I really wanted everyone to know about this!


Kinda ran into that earlier (slow mini monster w/ no health) but that didn’t happen (2 monsters I mean) but that is absolutely hilarious.


I had this happen last night but it was 2 Golaiths.

What happened was we came back from a game and I had monster as my preferred. When it came to the screen that shows all of the hunters it showed me as monster but it was flickering and had another name there above mine. I tried to choose Kracken, I believe the other monster chose Goliath. When we got in the game it was two Goliaths.

It as great, we could actually even communicate with each other to coordinate kills. I would get a buff and partially eat it and he could then finish it so we both could have buffs. We lured the hunters to the caves on Distillery and all hell broke loose with hunters running everywhere :smile:

The hunter team even called for a restart, the game restarted back to the hunter menu and the same thing was happening. I again chose Kracken and we got in the game as 2 Goliaths. It wasn’t until we won that it changed.


Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah…Wonderful bug. :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes me want this kind of mode in the game since it has the real pack mentality but idk if feasible. (probably not)


It’s lonely being the only monster sometimes. Could be a fun thing for another game mode.


Uhhhhh and another team of monsters that don’t evolve to stage 3. I want to know how the game runs at its craziest.