Most damage you ever seen


Saw this on the Gamefaqs forums. I have seen some hard hitting orbital strikes but never this much!


Best feeling ever


Ending a match with 17K damage as Sunny.

I never felt so horrible ;-;


Never feel horrible. Sounds like a decent game game that went on a while.


I played a match against behemoth where I did 14k damage as Abe. Our assault got downed early rage quit and then died so our medic focused on keeping us alive and sunny kept me moving while I tried to kill the monster.


Looks like that orbital benefitted from the damage bonus buff


My team and i had a match against a Behemoth that was ridiculously good at running. We dealt zero health damage to it until stage 3. Well we grew freakin tired of chasing it and just went to the Power relay. The monster of course got full armor and then came for us. He/she probably thought, “Im a Stage 3 behemoth with full health and armor. These Hunters are Fucked!” As soon as the behemoth was within range we domed it. We immediatly learned why it keep running.

We killed it full health and armor at Stage 3 in a single dome. Torvald and Cabot are crazy good together.


I’ve dropped an orbital right on the head on a 1>2 goliath and never got that much damage


It was me who did the damage and by far has been my best damaging game as assault and Hyde in general.

36k against a Goliath

My second most was with Markov

32k against a Goliath

I have never seen nothing like that orbital though.


WOAH! That orbital was amazing.