Most Broken Ass Strategy


Alright so my friend and I were in a duo queue, and an inside joke between us is that Elder Kraken is broken asf. Well, I decided to pick him and put 3 of my 4 abilities into chain lightning and 1 into death spiral. The reason why is this…

I go out and eat one monster (just enough to get my armor over half) and I immediately turn back around towards the hunters’ spawn. Now, as soon as they drop down, I charge up my chain lightning and do a bijillion damage while they are even expecting the spawn camp.

Now, the hunters are going to instinctively place down the dome in order to trap me, but actually I use it to my advantage. I focus down at anyone who has the lowest health (I typically go for the medic) and 9 times out of 10 I’ll kill one of them or even all of them.

I’m on a flipping 9 win streak using this strategy, and tbh its broken asf if the hunters dont know how to kite.

Is this kind of stuff suppose to be normal? Is Elder Kraken suppose to be so broken that he can literally massacre the enemy team by literally spawn camping.


I think that devs are aware of this Problem. Side question if you think its unfair why do you use it?


dodge while landing, problem solved


Funny as hell


If they immediately domed you while you are still fighting them, then clearly they havent play the game a lot. That is why i feel the strategy worked. But what do i know i have like 20% Winrate on E.Kraken