Most anticipated Monster ideas:


I’ve been looking at both YouTube and the forums to create a most-anticipated monster list. These are the ones the community would want to see most of all, out of any other creatures.

5 Burrowing monster - A monster that can burrow around as a form of travel. While it might be difficult to balance for hunters, make the burrowing targetable. It would have a smaller hitbox, but a very obvious target like a shark’s fin. Mines and poon guns would be able to push it back out of the ground, and it can only temporarily burrow.

4 Tyrannosaurus - A creature that looks and feels like a T-Rex. With a charge, tail whip, chomp, and stop ability.

3 Queen or Alpha - A monster that can spawn smaller and weaker AI monsters, or spawns with a small, weak pack of monsters that evolves with the one you control.

2 Flying Monster - Something that flies naturally, and does not or cannot land on the ground and walk. Knowing flight might be an issue, keep it within range of guns by allowing it to only fly a certain distance above the ground.

1 Parasite - A weak monster than can take control of other creatures, giving it enhanced defenses and new abilities depending on what it took control of.

What do you guys think?



You just-- I-- YES!



Tyrannosaurus monster is what I really want to see, any reptilian monster will do!! :smile:


Burrowing is my choice, I want a something inspired by the sand worms of Dune.


I feel bad that they scrapped the Velvet worm…it had so much potential


Spiders, dragons, and queen/hierachy monsters! I want to see categories of monsters that divide it into something like “ranged” “tank” “Assassin/Stealth” “Mastermind/hive” etc.
With at least 3 or more monsters in each category.


No spider???


Nope, the others outweighed it.


No way! Heathens!


How will the monster eat meats?


It can land, but not walk.


Orrr, it can snatch stuff and eat it on the wing! Like bats! It could be part of the monster’s unique mechanics.


Now it sounds better :blush:

I’m voting for 2,5 and maybe 4.


I was about to post a nice, big spider , then I seen ur post… I think a spider would be good and very doable, maybe not even a spider per say, but arachnid like creature, like a scorpion. With a stinger it can use along with claws for melee attacks. Abilities are kinda tough. 1st: AOE acid mortar balls (launched from stinger) 2nd: Claw Slam, or Claw Spin 3rd: Stinger Stab N Throw(3-5% damage on stab, 10 -13%damage upon landing) suggestions on 4th ability


I have to agree with you, something like spider-scorpion would be awesome.


Hopefully no spiders, worms, or anything stupid and lame like any other bug. Those are awful ideas for monsters and I would hate to see Evolve be wasted on bugs.


If you haven’t seen tremors…you don’t understand how amazing bugs or giant insects would look.


As long as it is ALIEN!! Not too Earthlike! Then anything is good enough for me! :smiley:


The parasite monster would suck so trex monster


the parasite and T-rex monsters would have completely different playstyles. I understand how one might not suit you.