Most anticipated feature

Most anticipated?

Abduction no longer being a no-skill grapple from far away when it grabs Hunters through a ledge or around a tree.

I get that it’s often bugged in favor of the Hunters as well, but it’s literally too gamebreaking a mechanic for me at the moment when the Wraith uses its most tactical and combo-able ability, you dodge out of the way, and then get sucked right into her arms anyway.
It only takes 1 questionable Abduct to tilt the game in the Wraith’s favor immensely.

I also find it weird how Abduction grabs Hunters through partial obsctruction and benefits immensely from high ping while Behemoth’s Tongue Grab on the other hand suffers on every imaginable aspect from such factors.

It would be OP if it were ever reliable, right now it’s a complete crapshoot and both sides need to live with how the dice fall.

Most anticipated feature? Shield nerfs then Miley

sunny nerf

wraith abduct fix which is coming in the title fix.

Wraith variant

90% of the time the bugs favour hunters with abduct. I’ll get 1 match out of 10 where I get an abduct bug that grabs hunter when I wouldn’t have grabbed it and thats being generous. I’ve also had an abduct bug that literally killed me.

No one is looking forward to the abduct fix more than wraith players.

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Actually no one is looking forward to the abduct fix more than I do.


Dear god ^this. No more sailing past the Hunter your body just shunted out of the way, or dealing chip damage and flying away again. This is what dreams are made of.



you can skip to 7 minutes to fully understand my rage.

Cabot buff, behemoth variant, new maps, t5 support and general bug fixes

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Slim nerf…

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I doubt it’ll happen but one can hope that they fix my broken beauty :cry:

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T5 Monster and more Skins 4 Lennox or a Adaption of her xD

And the biggest Kraken nerf in Evolve History

Behemoth buff.
Sunny,slim,torvald nerf
Val also needs looked at now
Change sound spikes back to not reveal monster when evolving.
Some kind of armour/immunity gain whilst evolving
Hunters should also have some kind of immunity during the dropship drop
Change jet packs back to where they were before.

The sound spikes thing makes sense (as long as he has two or more up) since the evolve roar is supposed to be the loudest thing in the game. It helps compensate for Griffin’s tracking method being so dependant on the monster’s play.

It favors hunters who dont try to dodge but it punishes those who do. I just had a match where Wraith wanted to abduct me 5 times. 4 times I dodged it and got grabbed anyways ending up with less jetpack to dodge the following warpblast/ supernova. 1 time I didnt even try to dodge it and it did not grab me. It is not just this match like this so I think I figured the Abduction out: Dont try to dodge it. Worst case scenario: Wraith gets you but you dodge the following attack. Best case: Nothing happens.

Since wraith is more likely to fail a good grab then grab when they shouldn’t Abduct bugs favour hunters

My most antipipated featue would be just to have a random map option for custom games. I really dont know why that wasnt an option from the very beginning. But I suppose I should just give up on it. I have tagged the devs several times asking for this and have only been met with disinterest.


I have way too many abducts that grab me and then deal no damage. Sometimes the monster doesn’t even go anywhere after grabbing me so its stuck in the fight now.





porque : p