Mortars only effective against Monsters that don't move? Tell me another one, Dan! :P


A lot of people like to say that Torvald’s mortars are “junk” or “ineffective” or even “useless” against “Monsters that can move.” And quite frankly that’s a joke.

See when you play Wraith, Behemoth or Goliath, you have to get into melee range to do enough damage for a kill. And when you’re fighting, you’ll be slow, predictable and confined to a small area.

Torvald says hi.

Launch one salvo at the team mate being focused and the Monster has two choices: Dodge, waste a traversal and some time, and by the time you get back that hunter is in a favorable position at full health because Caira- and even Val- can do that.

The other option is to eat a colossal but tonne of damage.

And he can do this all sitting pretty over on a rock 50 meters away.

No other Assault can emulate that.

So please. Before you try and say that mortars are countered by dodging, consider this. I dropped into a game in progress as Torvald and used this because it seemed like the best course of action. Nothing the Monster could do.

Add all that to the fact that Hunters can pillar hump for ages to survive and Hank/Caira/Sunny/even VAL’s extreme defence, and the fact that meanwhile Torvald is just ramming into you with weakpoints, shotgun and mortars, and you can see why Torvald is OP.


When I play Torvald, I ground the monster on the focus targets. Such as Medic, Support, or Trapper. Since I’m never focused, I can easily predict where the monster is moving. If he tries to climb a cliff to reach my teammates, I rain mortars on his head. This creates unavoidable damage. When he pushes a teammate, I simply rain them where my teammate is moving. If the monster continues to chase, they take full damage. This leads to the monster having to disengage. Once the monster disengages, they lose the fight. Against a decent Torvald, you must commit to a fight completely, and this is better done at stage 3. The best counter for Torvald though, is Kraken. If you know the assault plays Torvald, learn to play the unbalanced monster. Might sound bad, but at least you would feel it’s a fair fight.

Torvald is the strongest assault in this sense. He controls the battlefield, and can punish the monster easily. All it takes, is a little bit of leading the target. Not a hard skill to pick up either.

I find his shotgun/weakpoints to be sub-par damage, as it’s not that great. His mortars more than make up for this though.

In the end, I would say Torvald is unbalanced. He needs tweaked back a little, because no assault should have that amount of control on a monster.

I still prefer Parnell, because it takes skill to aim. But it’s still much more viable to play Torvald right now, because he’s so powerful. Parnell only does more damage, when you have a decent Cabot on the team; and you can actually aim with your shotgun.

Constructive feedback about Torvald

I have had matches against a good torvald, caira, hank and i can say that you can not focus anyone ever, it becomes this impossible task against really good hunters and maybe a shitty trapper who only shoots you. People have so much survivability that the trapper does not even need to do his job to keep people alive. I have never felt so helpless against hunters before, i have always had really close games against good people, but torvald has just changed it for me on whether to engage at lv 2 anymore if they know what they are doing.


I agree that Torvald is unbalanced. While yes you can kill him and he does not always mean insta-death in the right hands he out damages any assault and imo makes Markov useless because his mortars is just as good of a AoD effect, they do about as much damage as four mines if they hit and are very forgiving with missing as they comeback very fast without any downtime of placing, arming and they can’t be destroyed.

Focusing is incredibly punishing on the monster because he can hit point blank with mortars which is suppose to be its one downside. Add in healing, shielding, or just bonus damage on top of assault shield you are guaranteed to take a ton of damage for one strike on the assault early.


It is indeed as you say, vs a decent Torvald it’s really hard to stay alive, while also doing the good work on the hunters.
The only sort of counter is to try to knock back the focused hunter out of line of sight, but yeah, not that easy.

The way I see it, it would be funny if the fucking mortars had friendly fire on :wink:


I agree with all…except Wraith, I actually laugh in Torvalds face when I play Wraith ;p
I warp blast, wait for clicking, triple warp back, Abduct Target, Supernova and usually thats a down before Thor can get another volley going.

Goliath and Bob are a lot harder to use against Thor though.
Bob is…Bob, and Goliath
A. NEEDS to be able to focus someone
B. When I try to jump away from a volley I catch every last mortar in the face for some unholy reason >_>
He just needs more downtime on the damn things, they’re so forgiving even the worst hunter player can use the right (aka me)


Wahaa abduct you say? Vs Torvald? You’re just making it easy for him, if he’s a good one. He will just shoot the place where you started the abduct, sit back and smile, while 2 bars of wraith health magically disappear.

It doesn’t even have to be a very good Torvald, some of them just happen to shoot when you start your abduct animation by pure coincidence, then pat themselves on the back.


It takes some timing, but I got it down, only time I got hit by a mortar barrage was that time I got the “Frozen in warp Blast bug” :y
That wasn’t fun


That’s never fun, and been happening since 3-4 major patches ago? ^^


I only had it happen since last patch, and only twice. Once while in the middle of a fight.
Once while on the run.
Still won tho.
Even if it was with half a bar of health…


For me it happened maybe 15 times, it’s not that much, maybe once every 20-30 matches, but when it happens it’s so annoying.


Wraith and Kraken are the only ones that can be relatively safe from Torvald. Kraken is safe simply due to his mechanics and ability to stay at range, while Wraith can WB into a hunter, hit once or twice and warp backwards or to the side to dodge the barrage.

Tbh, I think his barrage should be somewhat easier to hit and do way less damage. Make the mortars fall 2x as fast but make them do 1/2 or 1/3 damage they do now.


The Wraith does not have enough damage abilities that don’t sacrifice it’s maneuverability. Yes it can do a warpblast hit once and move out of the way but that does not do enough damage to take someone down, and it does not even guarantee that the mortars won’t hit. All of her other abilities either don’t do damage (abduct), or keep her immobile (Supernova,Decoy that to hit it needs more or less point blank, so visible, so immobile for Torvald)


Who would have guessed that giving the class focused on short range high damage a long range high damage weapon would break the game?

Oh right, everyone.

Might have been ok if he didn’t have the shotgun (and had the mortar fixed) - an assault the monster wants to stay close to instead of staying away from might have been interesting. Might have been useless, but might have been interesting.


That’s what people are doing wrong. Other than with Behemoth (good luck with him), it’s all about timing your damage. When Torvalds in the game, it’s all about burst damage now.

Goliath for example, when Torvalds in the game, is using your abilities for closing the distance and dealing damage.

I like facing toravald or some other character, and then once I hear that peculiar tinktinktink! I know I immediately earned myself a 4-5 second window to put the hurt on another target.

Leap smash then rock to the face anyone?

(I’m not just pulling this out my ass, I won against this nightmare comp vs premades, it was tough, and I had a draw in one, but I still came out with more wins)


Technically this belongs in the Torvald thread :stuck_out_tongue:

It also has been stated there numerous times but it doesn’t help because people will simply say “gotta go fast” without realizing that against competent hunters it already pushes any non-kraken to the limit to keep up when sunny is involved.

There is simply no possibility to go away shortly because you are barely keeping up to begin with so yes Torvald means commitment as @shin said, but I am pretty sure shin also spouted that crap of “gotta move no problem” in the Torvald thread but can’t be bothered to check, but for me you are guilty until I take my time to proof your innocence you OP defender!


Is this some kind of joke? It is always about burst damage unfortunately there is no way to crush the hunter defenses in one ability cycle unless you are stage 3.

There is always some kind of dode, some kind of protection some kind of heal you have to penetrate first.

You are also not putting damage on someone else that kind of short damage time will be healed passively. Nobody is gonna flinch from that especially given that all your new targets have a full jetpack so who are you kidding except yourself?

Not everyone expends all his fuel to keep up with the monster you know so the monster turns and whatever it does ability wise is an instant dodge.


Torvald offers an extremely fast area control tool that the monster has to pay great attention to and react very quickly to. This puts monsters on edge and is great. Markov used to offer area denial but his mines are pretty godawful now. Hyde definitely offers control for an assault and better damage than Markov, he’s very viable. But his nade only gets thrown once in 14 seconds. Parnell is a damage dealer but suffers for a lack of any control whatsoever. Torvald fires regularly and for instant burst damage equal to that of a long time spent in a cloud. He’s a very dangerous assault. The most dangerous I’d say. I don’t think he’s crazy though.


This, plus a good Torvald doesn’t even use the Shrapnel grenade. A good Torvald keeps cycling through his Mortars and Shotgun. Torvald works with just 3 abilities instead of 4. That’s how OP his mortars are, it makes one of his abilities obsolete, you’re wasting potential damage from Mortars wich doesn’t affect weakpoints anyway - if you try using the Grenade. By the time you’ve fired your Mortars and after your Shotgun, your Mortars are reloaded again.


3 Rock
1 Flame (for cloakers)
2 Leap Smash

The fact that it’s working for me against premades invalidates your comment. How you choose to work with what you have is up to you. So no, I’m not joking or kidding myself.