Mortars exploding without damage vs (Elder) Kraken


I’ve had a couple of games recently were it was me as Torvald trying to damage an (Elder) Kraken.
What I noticed is, that more often that I would like, the Mortars seem to explode very close to the Monster but the Healthbar shows no white burst damage. I have taken a look at the stats provided by @white_hawke8 (which means typos can not be excluded entirely) and it looks like I have found the problem.

Torvald’s Mortar Cannon
4 meter minimum explosion radius
8 meter maximum explosion radius
Detonates within 10 meters of monster

The proximity detonation is at 10 meters but the outer radius only at 8. So it is entirely possible that a Mortar detects the Monster but the explosion radius is 2 meters too short.

@LordDeath @GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521 Is this supposed to be that way?


may want to put this in bugs section.


In this case, these numbers are corroborated by Macman’s character statistics post, but mechanically this may not work exactly the way we’re assuming.


Looking at the file, the “prime” range is set to 10. (Not sure what it actually does, I might look into it when I have time) The monster explosion distance is set to -1, meaning the function is unused currently. I imagine the reason that you experienced the no white burst is because the fast damage falloff of the mortars.


Yeah what he said.

TL;DR There are quite a few things in the XML that was pulled awhile ago that won’t make sense to everyone, and stuff like this pops up quite often it seems.