Mortar should have a minimum range


~20 meters would make it an actual skill shot instead of the spam it currently amounts to.


I agree, and the shooting straight up to catch a monster dead in the face is BS


Nah, it’s a MORTAR, you know those pieces of war tech that are designed to engage targets at long range? It’s an easy counter to monsters due to it’s distinct tinktinktink!, seconds in air giving you ample time to move out of the way, and the fact that you can deny the ability by taking the fight indoors.

He’s in a good place currently.


I have to disagree, the mortars will hit anything in their arc, be it monster or cave ceiling or tree branch. Its bad enough that you can’t even queue an item switch when you are tumbling, but getting stuck with a weapon that is completely useless when the monster is in your face as well as not being able to switch away from it when you get focused is too much punishment for a hunter, let alone an Assault.

The mortars do have an effective black out zone in that you can either fire them straight up, or in an arc, but firing at anything within that close zone is often more trouble than its worth unless its right on top of you.


traditionally, mortars shoot upwards and hit targets from a distance, the ability to shoot head on is a little noobish >.>


They ought to have a tiny arm time in the air like a quarter second so they can’t just detonate on a monsters chin while it’s beating torvals face in. Counter productive when closing within minimum range just means he can’t miss anymore.


They are fine, the only change Macman confirmed he will make is that the monster will hear the mortars coming, so he can know when to dodge.


Yes please. The other Assaults cannot hit me at long range with their primary weapons. Why should Torvald be able to hit at short ranges?


Because he still doesnt do enough damage to outright win games. Good monsters just dodge his mortars and then when they are strong enough they just gang up on him and murder him because he cant even reload while under CC.

Only shit monsters that cant fucking move around and avoid the assault complain about him. I never fear torvald. Only sunny. Her lack of deployment time on the drone fucking pisses me off if im playing Goliath.


Actually a good torvald will lead you and slowly but surly burst you to death, even if you are moving, so really only shit torvalds are easy to dodge ^.-
Also, he can reload while being CCed, at which point he just fires every mortar roung directly into your face ^.^


Yeah…Not fun…


That profile pic…I sense a disturbance in the forums


The mortars can be reloaded not his shotgun. A Goliath can always press space once in a random direction and watch as the majority of torvalds shit misses because he had nowhere to lead you to.

Kraken outright ignores the mortars unless torvald is right under him and Wraith being her usual weak self can only win if she manages to pick a few hunters off on their own.

Behemoth has the biggest issues though the really good Behemoths from what I have seen have been able to just Tongue grab torvald in drop a rock wall and burst his ass down.

If you play your game well and avoid torvald around enough then the dps he managed to do was outright ignorable if you didint then you got punished for it with burst damage that you deserved.

Its not like Markov Hyde or Parnell.

Markov has mines that deal burst to your armor and they can be deployed wherever they are needed and if you misstep then there goes a bar and half of armor. Meanwhile he is still sitting behind your ass firing lightning and dealing lots of consistant dps. Same applies to Hyde except for the Mines.

Parnell is his own juggernaut burst machine where his dps sneaks up on you extremely quickly if you dont pay attention to what parnell is doing. If you dont control parnell then you get punished for it. If you misplay and walk in to mines you get punished for it. If you dont move around enough and stand in toxic dust while suffering from hydes burns and minigun then you get punished for it.

Torvald is very straightforward in comparison to the other 3. Move or pay. He is also far easier to control in comparison to the other 3.

Up close? He used a clip of the shotgun on you, then you heavy melee him and whaddya know he couldnt reload. Then realize he doesnt do any burst anylonger because he cant use his mortars while you control him and rip him a new one.

At range? Walk in to a cave and use small corners where the walls cave in a bit and watch as the majority of torvalds dps hits the wall.

Torvalds problem is that he hates being close to the monster. When close to the monster he either has to burn his jetpack fuel to getaway in order to pop mortars again or he has to jump upwards and aim down in order to deal damage in the end he is out of fuel and mostlikely shield aswell and you can do whatever you want with his ass.

And what if hank is shielding? He aint doing damage so you dont need to worry about it as long as you keep controlling torvald.

If its sunny shielding? Well then you move around until you have the burst and abilities needed to control the battlefield in your favor.

And if its cabot? Then he is only doing 1/3 of a bar of damage with a single railgun shot every 1.30 seconds or so.

Obviously player skill has a lot to do with it. But good monster players control the battle the way they want to and generally win against torvalds as easily as they do against parnells.

I doubt you will agree with any of it but its just the way I see things. I never have genuine problems with Torvald. Maybe
there are things you could adapt and learn instead of complaining about it?


Torvolds mortars already have a range limit - tested multiple times. They won’t limit it less since between firing it actually takes time to get to the monster so unless you spread shot ahead of the running monster, you will miss most every time. The longer the distance, the longer it takes to get there and less likely you are to get a hit in.

The mortars can be fire straight up and they’ll come back down on the monster to some degree, so they aren’t useless. Swapping between shotgun and mortars are a must at all times - quick switch ftw. Although close range mortars are hard to tack down, sometimes it works out and other times I get mixed up being point blank and forget to do it.

Also remember they have a limited affective use based on area. Almost useless in caves since it arc fires and this causes them to usually hit the ceiling, but it also doesn’t get much use if something is over top of the monster like a rock bridge - depending on the distance fired, it will just hit the bridge itself.

Best bet for a monster against torvold is to not run a straight line if on the run, and jump around in the domes while using attacks to keep him moving or keep out of line of sight - this reduces their affective damage.

I’m elite torvold and I can attest to the situations where the mortars have been effectively made useless so I know he’s in OP in that sense. The mortars don’t provide consistent damage as someone mentioned, so landing that good hit for burst damage is the only thing he has going for him.

I will admit though that his damage is inconsistent. I had a friend firing point blank on my Goliath with the shotgun and it was never the same amount of damage - it varied by as much as 50%. If his damage can drop by 50%, then I’m sure it can jump by that much as well. Since they don’t allow damage logs, which they should, its hard to track if something is working right.


Its called MORTAR for a reason,not a shitty broken ass 20 meter range launcher. Just sayin,man


He said minimum. Not maximum.


Except that when you aim straight up, the mortars don’t go as high as if you aimed further away, they hit around you, and hit the ground faster than otherwise. So annoying that the torvald can just shoot up, hitting you with point blank mortars, where they are supposed to be ineffective.

edit: also, you can hit monsters in caves with the mortars by aiming straight up, since they dont go as high.


Oh…shit. Ummmm…fµ©k. Didn’t see that one. J-just ignore it


Lol, it’s all good man.


20 meters…hmmmm…maybe 5 meters should be enough because Assault needs to be on the front line of an attack.