Mortar & Shield Drone


These 2 specifically seem especially over the top, even considering the overall power of T4s.

Mortar: Damage reduction. Maybe increase minimum range, and obviously fix the ‘fire on yourself by aiming straight up’ bug.

Shield Drone: Any one of the following-
Add a deployment cooldown, so it can’t be dropped immediately after it is destroyed.
Decrease battery size.
Increase recharge time.
After draining, add a minimum amount recharged before it activates again.



Just FYI, there already is a minimum charge on the shield drone- 20%.


I feel that torvald aiming straight up should shoot mortars straight up higher that will eventually come down, so in open spaces he can mortar himself but it stops him from using it all the time.


The fact that the shield drone has no cooldown is a pretty ridiculous oversight.


The shield drone is fine and when you deploy it you have to wait till it charges up so it can shield people, so people can’t spam it and you can easily destroy it, macman already said that the shield drone is fine, so leave it alone, what was unfair about sunny was her launcher, that is getting nerf.


Your adding two nerfs to it at once? I personally had no problem with it as all it does is stop me from focusing down one hunter at a time and cause me to spread out the damage between two.

Sometimes I destroy but then sunny has to stop firing at me climb back up to the spot where she had it before and wait for it to recharge while I kill anyone at my leisure.