Mortar Cannon needs a minimum range


~20 meters would make it an actual skill shot, not the close quarters spam it currently is. To compensate, you can also decrease the spread on Shotgun, more accurate up to ~15 meters.


I thought it already had a minimum range of around 20m. I might be wrong but that was my understanding. :confused:


Haha, nope

He’s fine as is


It already has a minimum range, it just doesn’t work because you can fire straight up. Getting fixed soon, I think.


I completely forgot shooting straight up is being fixed. :smile:


I’m kinda sure they actually wanted to fix that last micropatch… but as Torvald can still point blank Monsters in the face with full undodgeable clips of those things even in the aviary low ceiling tunnels… well, even if I like playing with him myself alot, this is pretty stupid by now and I for one can’t wait for some hopefully proper tweaks to his mortars next week.


It technically does, ~5 meters. So to clarify, I think the weapon needs a significant minimum range, as the current one doesn’t actually do anything.


Ah got my numbers wrong. :smile:
I suppose the minimum range could be slightly increased, but I do kinda like it how it is at the moment.


The range the mortars have to traver to become “armed” is 10 meters.

As for Torvald, he is kinda like Lazarus WAIT! HEAR ME OUT! He is kinda like Laz the way you have to change your playstyle. Like Lazarus is no regular medic where you just beat people to death and are done, Torvald is no assault where you can press people into a corner and slowly-but-surely kill them. You need to stay mobile.

Like, as an example, a Goliath with 3 in Leap Smash and 3 in Charge, suddently 80% of Torvald users can’t hit you because they only spam in your general direction, again, because you as a monster is standing still too much. And the 20% that do hit you reliably, not only deserve the hit, they don’t do too much damage, nor too little.