Mortal Kombat X


I have played ever single mortel kombat and I think mortel kombat x is moving the franchise in the wronge direction what do you guys think and whos better sub zero or scorpion


I think they are doing the right thing in moving on to new characters and fresh storylines. but i dnt like the x-ray moves. like they are just unrealistic. No one should be able to move after something like that! Also if they can get the combat back into Deadly Alliance style then i would be happy as that was the best Mk ever made. mk9 was too linear and needed more depth into the fighting system. other than that im glad its side scroller again and not an arena.


Im one of those guys who sticks to old fashion not all the new characters with no connections or liking


my problem is storyline. they have all been played out over and over again. You work towards beating shang tsun, shao kahn, or Onaga every time. and most of them had lui kang as the champion. deadly alliance didnt have lui kang in the story(he died) which was AWESOME for once. Im not saying make a whole new cast. but introducing some new balanced characters while revamping the look of the old ones? you can’t say that Ermac looks worse now. sure hes not a ninja anymore but did he ever act like a ninja? no hes a sorcerer. they are trying to make everything make sense finally.

Oh yeah to answer the second question. Background story i love scorpion. but gameplay my subzero was unstoppable in mk9 :slight_smile:


I crushed show chan whos next but I do love fatalitys and on next gen yaaaaa


I’m not that big on the story of MK and I definitely did not like MK9’s story. I also feel like there could be improvements on the combo system in MK. I really don’t like the fact that you can input combos before the action appears on the screen fully.

I do like the X-Ray scenes because they are very brutal and fun to watch. It’s almost like watching a fatality without the win of 2 rounds (Kotal Kahn’s is so badass but his fatality sucked).

I’m excited for the new characters they are bringing into the game, the 4 they have shown have impressed me except for Jessie Cage. But I also hope they bring back some old ones, such as all the ninjas lol.

I really like the idea of being able to choose 3 fighting styles because it adds variety and hopefully balance to the game. They better not have another character like MK9 Cyrax that can combos reset and do a 70% combos…so OP.

All in all, I think Nether Realm Studios is trying to make this game more competitive and I love it. MK9 was a big stepping stone into that and I’m excited to see what other competitive improvements they have made!


Least Raiden was revealed during EVO as per good ole Boon’s troll tweets over the past few weeks.

So now we know 5 :slight_smile: