Mortal Kombat X! The Hype is real!


Evolve was my pass time until the kombat could begin! While the PC port may have some issues at the moment, I’m enjoying the game more than I thought I would. This thread is anything MKX related or if you’d like to play a match: 1v1 me m8. I’ll rek ya :wink: (kidding)

But if anyone on here plays it on Steam feel free to hit me up because none of my 64 friends have it ;~; Or feel free to talk about your favorite character and variation!

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I won’t be buying it (I’m a button masher) but I think it’s awesome that Jason is finally a playable character.

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I’m buyin it once I get home (Schooooool ;-:wink:
My favorite character is, and always will be,


It’s a worthwhile buy even if you mash buttons. Plenty of content for non-competitive players. You can play offline and still contribute to your faction.


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What’s your favorite variation? If you know them.

I hate fighting the harpoon master ;-;

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I haven’t looked a ton into it (I kinda sorta got engulfed in Evolve :sweat_smile:)


We should do some practice online then. (If you’re going the Steam route)

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Yep, Steam is where I’ll be spending the last of my birthday moola, just wish I could do it earlier, still got 5.5 hours before I can get back to potato (i call my computer potato)


Well we definitely gotta train you for kombat! We could be the best 2 man team you’ve ever seen :smiley:

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Sub Zero was always my favorite


Subby is my second favorite right now. He’s a LOT better in this game than in MK9.I felt like he was always too stiff in the last game. His different variations give him more options for different playstyles now.

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Yeah he did feel rather rigid, I wonder if they will add any cheesy lines for him.

“My favorite movie is Frozen!”

“You seem rather hot, best cool down!”

… It might not fit the atmosphere but it is a hope I will not lose! :smile:


If this is a fatality, I’ll buy it.


What can I say, I like ‘cold’ guys :wink:

… Okay I’ll knock it off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Isn’t she the freen stick lady


… Wait what?

Midnight I am confused :confounded:


Sorry, phone typing in bed. ;-;

Is Sub Zero the green woman with a stick?


Midnight, go to bed. You’re drunk. :heartpulse:


Sub Zero is the blue dude with freezy powers. PS: Colouring right now. = )