Mortal Kombat X Shares In-App Skins


I think this is important to share. Mortal Kombat is known for having a ton of unlockable content within its own games but while they are embracing a mobile add-on like Injustice: Gods Among Us all of the skins you unlock in MK mobile transfers to the MKX game too…for free.

I think it is a given that a lot of us are pretty annoyed that Evolve only features weapon skins and only one per character at that ,while the others are stupidly priced DLC. The Hunter’s Quest app event has also shown really odd behaviours where the community is now being forced to fight over not just a weapon skin but also a model skin that isn’t even transferable to the main game.

Nether Realms and Warner have really set a high standard for customer respect and dedication for playing their game and supporting app and you know what? I will fully buy it to support these practices where marketing research was clearly done. I hope 2K and Turtle Rock learn from them because it seems these two devs are on completely two different spectrums when it comes to their fans. Very good job Nether Realms.


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