More Wildlife in the Future? Evolve: Hunter's Quest Creatures


Couldn’t find a thread about this sooo…

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Evolve’s companion app Hunter’s Quest, and have encountered some very cool creatures that I hope will be added in future maps (or even existing ones as random spawns).

Creatures like:


~Ice Lurker

~Cinder Hog

~Cave Creeper

~Frost Raptor


~Glacial Serpent

~Soot Swarmer

~Dune Wolf



~Sand Ripper

~Magma Charger


~Magma Wyrm

~Lava Strider

All of these creatures currently nowhere to be seen in the game (to my knowledge) would make fantastic additions to current and upcoming maps further off. If you have an iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows phones I recommend checking this app out. The bestiary is where its at, not to mention extra goodies for Evolve.

Maybe some of these can find their place as more additions to the map effects or unique rare spawns on certain maps.


Crap, I didn’t know these were scrapped creatures. Aw well, it’d still be nice to see some of them make it in somewhere, even if they were resized and re-purposed. Such great designs.


They were scrapped? I really liked the Ramora. It seems like it can REALLY fit in.

The Ramora is that tentacle plant thing right? To make it fit in, make it function like a carnivorous plant except it doesn’t render a hunter helpless. Getting too close to the well-blent in Ramora will cause it to sting you with its venom spines. Dealing heavy base damage and poison damage (If you leave the hunter un-attended he can go to 30% HP, keep an open eye, hunters!) It can also pose a threat to monsters (Which carnivorous plants do not) that get too close.

Also, we need giant Mammoth Birds like in the app!


Cryosaur and Sand Ripper were scrapped because they were too big, Dune Wolf because they were too annoying, Magma Wyrm because it floated everywhere, and Lava Strider because it was too big and Hunters could stand on it’s back which was hell-on-earth for the designer-tech guys.


I believe you are thinking of Impalers. Ramoras look like this (sorry, I haven’t unlocked it yet)…

And personally, I like Cinder Hogs better than Ramoras and Impalers.


You’re right.

My bad <_>


Try the development of evolve thread for some more info about the wildliofe