More Wildlife Creatures for Diversity


In each unique map how about there are certain types of creatures that the monster and hunters can kill in order to get better types of perks. It would bring diversity within the game since the Big Alpha and I bet lots of people who play as the monster would try to find it as soon as possible. (given these creatures can be a bit tricky to find and catch) Who else agrees? I would love to hear your opinion.


I think it is worth noting that at this late stages that sort of change will not be possible. When this sort of idea was last brought up I think the main problem was having to make a new art design, model, animation set, ai for each creature limits this.

All the maps are split between the 4 biomes and each biome has some unique creatures in it. I think it has also been teased that some game modes have something in it called a ‘phantom’ that was spotted in the loading screen hits but so far we know nothing about them other than this.

So would I love to see more unique wildlife per map but I am also aware that the resources for doing that would probably be better spent on adding more monsters and hunters.


This is very understandable yet there is some hope to the idea of it in downloadable content or some future event that would spice things up in the game to make it fresh from time to time. In basic gaming knowledge there is the level of interest in gamers. If gamers see a repetitive trend to a game some will eventually have some sort of negative feedback towards the game and/or eventually the game will be a lost cause of entertainment because of minimal advanced growth towards the game itself. Although I still see where your coming from. Thanks for responding and within a short time. (didn’t expect anyone to respond so quickly)


I Imagine if they do create more wildlife to increase in the game that it’ll be released as free patches


Like in Nest? :open_mouth:


Hell, i woulden’t mind seeing an adult armadon once in a while.