More Variation with Map Environments


I just watched a walk-through of both the new maps in the Broken Hill pack. I really enjoy these maps because they deviate from the rest of Evolve’s environments. I feel like they, along with Aviary, have a distinct design and feel to them that makes them different from the rest of the maps.

I’d love to see more maps with this kind of environmental variation. Islands, glacial caverns, urban environments, things that make the maps stand out and look unique, but still tailor to Evolve’s gameplay.


I am very happy with the 2 new maps, some monsters do better on these maps than others, theres multiple enviornments, more dangers, new additions, everything that makes a good map a good map. i have high hopes for this game, the devs are amazing and actually care about the player base. so i cant wait to see what else they bring.

Also i would love to see a island map as well, maybe with some huge ocean wildlife kinda like whales swimming around it.

oh new wildlife too, i almost forgot to mention that xD


An ice map would be awesome


It would finally have a place to go with a wendingo skin.


i would love:
a destroyed city with skyscrapers or just a more city like map
a lava map with an erupting volcano (or any map with a cool effect like this)
a map with some castles
A map on like an orbiting space station or battle cruiser or something

OH and maybe a map in a sea base under the ocean where the monster can attack weak points causing it to flood or something!


PC gamer here, not got to try the new maps. I look forward to it though.


I still want a lava map. >.> Torvald is Darth Vader. Duh.


I would like a lava map in the game. ^.^

Not in real life though, I would physically give up; and die. Monster wouldn’t even have to touch me. O.o


likewise, but youtube is a good friend.


I would rather play them. I’m not a fan of teasing myself. ^.-


can you be one of those new wildlife?


…Okay, that was creepy man.


I would like one that has lots of moving parts. This could really test peoples tracking skills. Maybe like a extraterrestrial base station with moving platforms or maybe an area which has floating platforms. Although sadly this would effect behemoth a lot.

I’d love a very snowy map too which high blizzards and winds effect movement and vision (although that would really hurt hunters without Slim).

I like maps with potential dangers where both monsters and hunters have to find safe ground, hoping from platforms and using limited pathways until danger clears (like a volcano or flooded plane!)… Then you can bring in the floating whale creatures@Mattew mentioned.

More maps where you see how hunters and other colonists lived would be cool (not seen the new city map yet but more like that, maybe more open).

I just like maps that add a lot to the story whilst having a lot of interesting and interactive platforms.

Maybe a map that splits in half periodically would be cool too


I want to hunt him down


I also want moving parts, like maybe a maze that changes alot. Although I don’t know how well it will work in practice


The hunters ship (evakuation), a (destroyed) spaceport, a monster gravejard dessert, a monsterhunting simulater, a place where peaces of the planet drifts away and we are walking at this caldera or one (ore the?) moon of shear are a few of mapideas wich could be really cool.