More Variant Ideas


Dr Jykl (Hyde Medic Variant)

  1. Medical Spray
  2. Minigun (less damage less spread)
  3. Smoke Bomb (no DoT blinds monster within cloud)

Slim Shady (Slim Variant)

  1. Leech Canon (no spread, slower fire, more damage)
  2. Cloak (similar to Laz)
  3. Decoy (creates an illusionary double that does no damage for a brief time)

Beast Tamer Lazarus (Lazarus Hunter Variant)

  1. Silenced Tranquilzer gun (like Val, but with more rounds and less damage)
  2. Taming Glove (Lazarus can use his glove to tame up to 2 small wildlife or 1 big wildlife. Tamed wildlife don’t change their movement patterns or behavior, but act as extra “eyes” for the hunters. If the monster appears within a tamed wildlifes line of sight they will be revealed to the hunters on their map. Tamed wildlife will also fight alongside the hunters if domed with the monster.
  3. Emergency Fuel (instantly recharges jetpack)


That would be really tricky. Considering some people hate Slim’s Spore Cloud.


It would work like the steamadons. It wouldn’t do any damage or block the monsters scent.


Oh… That would cripple me then.


It would be highly situational, mostly to help Hyde escape the monster when he is being focused.


I don’t know, when I kill a Steamadon and my screen starts going white I freak out a little.


As monster you still have your scent, and as hunter you can just jetpack up out of the cloud if it bothers you that much.