More unique hunter


I think a hunter without a jet pack and no “guns” would be awesome. Give them some form of traversals like a monster would have, and for weapons have an armor piercing spear and some other sort of old age unique hunting weapon, or a new age close range weapon thats NOT a shotgun. Maybe this would be hard to balance and make work and im sure they wont do anything like this but i can dream right?


TRS and their shotguns man…madness


I’m surprise there hasn’t been like magnum or a high-tech desert eagle weapon yet. Be nice to see.

We all know we want to see a hi-tech crossbow at least.


I raged so hard when i saw torvalds shotgun. I want crazy unthinkable weapons and hunters. Like a spear wielding assault that lauches the spear in the monster and damages the monster constantly until the monster takes the two or so seconds to rip it out of him.


Still waiting on a futuristic knight with a Broadsword and Crossbow :confused:


YES a trapper with a single harpoon gun and a dome with 3 different bolts for the 3 things the trapper needs. Tracking, damage, and cc.


I was thinking sword and spear honestly. Leave the crossbow to the cowards in the back }:slight_smile:


But its badass crossbow.
A crossbow that fires a massive hook and drags in said Knight so he can CRACK SOME SKULLS


Hahaha my friend was talking about this. 4 stage 0 monsters that dont evolve vs a regular monster. I told him minibehemoths tounge grabs gonna flip on him. Pull urself into your own death =P


Woah woah woah. …woah guys please…you can never have to many shotguns :stuck_out_tongue:


Unlike hyde i prefer my meals unburnt and not quite so mutilated and filled with buckshot =/.


4/16 Hunters have Shotguns (Abe, Parnell, Torvald, Slim)


I’d love a sledge hammer of some sort.
Perhaps a hunter that use the jetpack to amplify his/her melee attack to give a logical(but not realistic) explaination.


Yeah new trapper
Bounty hunter Guy with big hammer that likes breaking knee caps to slow his bounty down and keep them immobile. He decides a giant monster should be no different.


What about a jackhammer weapon like they have in armored core?

Its a pneumatic explosive spear head that you punch into the monster.


OMG Halo Energy Hammer like weapon


Evolved to stasis hammer for evolves next trapper


So much WIN in this thread


No its all sadness because i feel it will never happen. Keepin my hopes high though since guns and shit are all we see today anyways theyre freaking BORING. Entertain us TRS!