More than one effect per passive stack

I loved Behemoths passive for being a sort of automatic balance when the Hunters outperform the Monster. However, I do not feel it is enough to achieve a balance yet. Still too strong against pub Hunters, still too weak against pro Hunters.
I dislike Wraiths passive for making winning easier the more the Monster outperforms the Hunter.

This is why I would like it if per stack there would be more effects than just one.
For Behemoth things like Climb speed and/ or Movement speed might be added to his damage reduction, so that he is not kited as easily (maybe even a resistence to CC, making CC less effective the more damage Bob suffers).

For Wraith, whose passive emphasizes the Assasine niche, I’d like to see a passive effect, that gets better the better the Hunters deal with the damage boost. For example: When 5 damage stacks from Isolation are unleashed against a Hunter, yet no strike is gained within the next (fill in the blank) seconds, Wraith gains 5 stacks to traversal regeneration, so that she can retreat and try another ambush.


I like the idea; I don’t like it’s execution.

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I’m agreeing with Shreddzy. Although I do certainly like where you’re going with this, I feel that it would need to be executed in a better way than you suggested, as this seems like it would just create confusion and clutter.

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I like the idea but I would make changes.
Wraith - for every stack when hit that didn’t down within x seconds speed and cd goes up ( so faster movement and cool down) max of one stack, ie only one increase that ends after x seconds with no damage.
That gives an escape route or help with a down but is easy to counter by hunters.
Bob - after 10 ( so from 11-15) stacks on LF bob becomes a lot slower becoming a literal fortress but as each stack goes up and his movement goes down, his attack rises and so does his attack speed. This locks him down more but he becomes a tank, slow, easy to hit but with deadly firepower, fitting his rolling rock of death theme. His melee attacks become heavy hits and his lava bomb / fissure cast time drops, but with no effect on cool down. Again this is easy to mitigate for hunters by letting off for a second or two.
Both of these punish being heavy on damage to the monster giving the monster a potentail break, or a chance to kill off that break does not come while lower level hunters are less likely to trigger these buffs

They can make it so that each stack also blocks a heal, and heal burst. So if for example, a hunter has 5 stacks, the medic would need 5 bursts in order to finally start healing the hunter. That opens the possibility for the wraith to hit&run without having to focus on dealing whole combos on a single hunter or get her time wasted after slim or val do their job in such short windows of time.

That’s would make things easily op

Not nessesarily. It would only activate if the team is somewhat decent. In pubs I rarely ever see a stack go beyond 11, if he gets someone down, it should be lower overall. However in higher level play it gets higher on a regular basis, and the main difference (talking about recieving damage) between the Hunters in pubs and pros is the roaching + CC to avoid melees. Cut out the CC part when the stacks are high and only when the stacks are high, and this difference vanishes, thus giving Behemoth a better chance against high skill hunters, while largely not affecting pubs. Even if it would, a nerf to his health or even base movementspeed could be applied easily to nerf him in pubs, while high stacks could be even more powerful.

For Wraith this is a similar thing. If you have a good Hunter team, the additional melee damage should rarely make a difference, thus Wraith would need something else. However if the pub Hunters dont help you out quickly by getting withing 20 meters of you, strikes will follow and Wraith will NOT gain anything additional.

What I am trying to say is: If it is OP, it is more likely to be OP across the board and some general nerfs can be easily applied. Passive abilities that get better the better the Hunters are, function as some sort of automatic balance, which makes it less likely that in pubs a Monster is OP and against pros it is UP.