More Teams Should JOin Gamebattles and play matches


Looking to get more teams to join to play matches, its way more competetive than playing public matches. if anyone has a team or is a good monster looking to scrim or play Gb matches add me on XBL
My Gamertag is AltxrEgo


Please explain Gb. Is this a website, group, supplement?


Gb is a website where you join and create a team and play matches on a ladder vs other the end of the season there are playoffs, and they do tournaments as well


Some of us want to do Game Battles/Tournaments but things like Life get in the way…

Also it’s annoying when people look at a player and see them high on the leaderboards and think that justifies “a good player” instead of going with one that’s proven themselves in a fight.

“Yeah you’re good and all but this guy here is #6 on boards! We’ll take him!”

F**k off ya prick.