More Team mates needed for evolve. Xbox one

Need more team mates, I play on Xbox one gamertag: killahj420 played 20 hours of alpha 100 hours beta, add me i play all time. Always looking for more team members I will play anything tho I’m normally medic or trapper. I have members just sucks when you are missing that one final person for a four man team.

I played with you a few days ago I believe. Dont think you were in game chat though.

I was probably already in a party with people, game chat is garbage, actually most chat on Xbox one sucks but add me I play everyday just send a message, I’m usually messaging anyone on my list if I have a space for hunters, I use gaming head phones so I’m always mic friendly, give compass direction as well when cutting the monster off

Im not gonna be home for awhile and I wont be able to get on today. Maybe to tomorrow though. Feel free to add me too. Gamertag is Myala.

Hey im always on around 9 ill play ign boode09

You have no activity it just seems weird but I did add you boode09

Add me I’m on nightly

I dk y iam on nightly and a lvl 20 almost elite support and already hit 40 but was reset when they had all those issues


I’m on everyday. I’ll play whatever. I was at 31 before I got reset . . . Again. I’ve got a mic.

Add me. I play trapper and assault. Lvl 33. And wraith too if you ever wanna go against that haha Gamertag is caorageous.

Hey !
Zukin25, add me and let’s play right now !
Heal main - Assaut - Supp
See ya

Tried to add you but I don’t think you put your gamertag correctly

please add always looking for quality players gt: ekf i axe

Add me XxLBC360xX
Medic and assault but Will play anything
Lvl 22 but got restet twice

No thats definitely right

Hey I’m looking for some one serious I play Xbox one my gamer tag is UltimatFreak

If you have found a team or when you do find a team add me and ill run my monster against you guys. GrandMasterPoc. under 1k all 3 monsters can play behemoth as well

grandmastapoc if only behemoth worked im rank 12th with him but can’t run him in tournament to risky for dq

Hey, I was wondering if you could add me. Would be nice to have at least one Friend on XBL that still played.

Time Zone: EST
Amount played: A couple of hours almost every day
Main: Medic or Trapper but I am competent in every role (including Monster if you’re running Customs)
Age: 22 - I feel I am pretty mature
I have a mic and feel I am pretty good at this game
GT: xE1NSTE1Nx2049 (same as name on here)
Message me so I can add you too - look forward to playing with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone feel free to add me, play trapper or medic but competent in all roles. gt: Stirar timezone Central ST