More support support!


WHERE IS ALL THE SUPPORT LOVE? when we win all credit goes to medic and all that is left to do is cry alone. “medic dodged like a boss” SUNNY IS HERE TOO YA KNOW D:

(please dont take this seriously lol)


I was thinking about

Rogue Val
Quantum Caira
Paladin Parnell

Renegade Abe
Blitz Markov

Wasteland Maggie
Electro Griffin

Tech Sgt. Hank

A.K.A. Not many Support Adaptions :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! support is the lone hero who saves everyone and hides in the shadow… no love for us… only pain…
jokes aside, i think a support adaption might come out soon. i heard something about bucket, but i think its just his skin… otherwise i think its the most obvious thing to do a sup adaption next since its the only role with only one adaption D:


Everyday I see my fellow sentry brothers die and yet, no appreciation…


C - Bucket



cough cough


######You’re all being mislead!


It’s a Kappa, It’s not real… @Insane_521 Is this where Time Era’s come in?!


all my fellow robot children…always there for the hunters… no hunters there for them…
don’t worry, you’re still alive in our hearts… [quote=“The_Specialist, post:5, topic:100150, full:true”]
C - Bucket



ohHHHHHHH MY HEART AGAIN… you mean paladin parnell is a support??? or another parnell for support?


As if I don’t know my twitch emotes. MingLee


@GrizzleMarine pretty much confirmed Palnell was a Medic, so maybe another Parnell if Insane isn’t trolling


great. parnell is never enough.
we should actually build an entire team out of parnell. we jump out of the ship frenetically screaming “BOOM, HERO MODE!!!”. monster dies instantly


As far as I am aware they could/might do that. Wouldn’t be until pretty much every character has a variant which is still a LONG time down the road but would be cool to have a whole team of Parnells :smiley:


Ha! A full team of Sunny’s just every single time something dies there is either a happy or a sad quote


a whole team of sunny’s boosting each other’s jetpacks and flying in circles until they become a human tornado


I played a game as Hank and people were like, "You were the mvp dude"
Dodged and Shielded everything


whoa nice!! that doesnt happen to me unfortunately
i wonder if the br playerbase is just less… caring? SSDJF
but my friend and i always play as medic and support, and i always end up playing sunny 'cause we aren’t THAT good at dodging, so if the monster focuses him it’s sure we’ll win. he gets all the apreciation tho ahah


or better yet, a full team of Buckets. Maybe 3 Buckets and Emet would be good enough though.


Oh god, the snark that would come with a team of Buckets…

I can see it now…

It’s glorious.


I feel like the biggest reason we don’t have very many support adaptations is because it’s probably a lot harder to come up with new and original abilities for supports compared to the other classes.


yeah, you got a point. all characters are different from each other but supports are exceptionally original.

also, about the adaptions - would be cool to see new dialogues between characters that could never meet each other in the dropship before…like between renegabe and other trappers. i’m all about character development B)