More sorting options for hunt


I tried searching for the title of this post but got nothing, that’s why I made this.
If this has been covered, I’d very much appreciate a link to the related post.

I want to be able to search for games meeting specific criteria.
i.e. I want to know when my chances of being monster are 100% before waiting for the character screen to appear.

New option:
“You like monster?”
NO =Join a game where no one is previously matched up.
Character roles are assigned according to preference and play stats alone.
YES = 2 ~ 4 of the people in the game joined up in a lobby before searching for a game.
Chance of being monster = 40 ~ 100%
It’d be best to more fine tune it, but for those tldr advocates I deleted it.
With these options, I could choose NO if I want random, or YES if I’m gladly willing to do monster.
For a month and a week now I go on these streaks where it’s set to YES.

Optional solution:

  • Add a little mark next to players who are grouped together. If people are going into games as a group, everyone should know. If you think not, please give me a good reason why.

The lack of console and lobby/game sorting options is making me get sick of this game quicker than I think I should.

Note: I got 160 hours on this game.
99% of the time I play random games.

The “hunt” game sorting options aren’t even gimped in this game, they simply don’t exist.


Ranked game is in the works with a more sophisticated queue system for queueing up as a certain Hunter/Monster. Not sure if they actually get it done quick enough to implement the same system into the normal matchmaker by the time the ranked mode patch comes out though.


(I am the OP.)
Thanks for this info, Roy. Much appreciated.
Your searching skills are much better than mine.
Something like that I am sure would be nice.
In the interim I was hoping just for something more simple - like an identically colored outline around the profiles of people who are together.
That way I can know who is together at a glance. Likely people who are together are using some other VOIP as well, which would explain why only about 1/2 the people I have met in randoms use a mic.

I have no problem using the mic, but whenever I ask “Are you guys a team of 4?” over 90% of the time their mob mentality kicks in making a yes beyond them. Instead 1 or 2 of em feels the need to come up with some long-winded, circuitous put down.


I don’t see why not.

This won’t change anything, really- it’s just another way of asking your preference, is it not?

Also why do you have two accounts? :stuck_out_tongue:


“This won’t change anything, really- it’s just another way of asking your preference, is it not?”

tldr: To go out on a (strong?) limb, the only difference is that it’s a simple way to factor out/in games where you are likely, or definitely, to play as monster.

Edit: I think this is kinda different, because the current pref. system has no notion of team/party affiliation. I’m pretty sure that with the char. pref. system in place, whenever people search for a game having teamed up there is a 100% chance they will be some kind of hunter, never monster. If not, it’d defeat the purpose of teaming up I’d imagine.

“Also why do you have two accounts?”

tldr: Sorry. I’m lazy.

For no reason I’m ashamed to admit, hehe.
The first account was created at work (using my work email), and I forgot the password.
Having realized that when I got home, I just thought eff it and created a new account.

Thanks for the formal reply, MidnightRoses.
Mighty kind of ya.

On an afterthought, if I were able to add people using the recent/present game list in Steam I’m pretty sure I would never’ve posted this.