More Skins PLease


I know I bitched about this many times already but I need to say this Most of the skins for BOTH Hunters and monsters is not as unique or worth buying except for Night hunter, Victory, Savage, And _“If you got the first season pass” _ The magma skins. I just wish they add in Now NEW skins For the New Hunters, First, Like Night Hunter for jack, Pheonix for Emet, and Etc. And for the Monsters “well if they can” Pokémon skins It would be awesome to see a Pikachu Goliath running around, or a Snivy Wraith, or HELL Even a legendary pokemon skin like Lugia, or Dialga and Palkia for Goliath now THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!


Please don’t make duplicate topics. You’re other thread is only a week old.
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Then don’t read/look at this topic in the first place so you can stop complaining to people whom post what they feel like should be done


It’s against community guidelines. I’m just trying to help keep the forums clean against people like you. Thanks.


You have already made a thread on this subject so please feel free to use that one. As Parham said, it is only a week old so it’s fine to continue over there. :slight_smile: