More skins for monsters



I’m playing Evolve Stage 2 since it came out.Gorgon is my “go to” monster and I saw the queen Gorgon on Wraith Trap:Deepest Dark after playing it and I thought that we need more Gorgon skins.I mean we already have the Zola skin but 1 is not really enough to be honest.Queen Gorgon is pretty much a Stage 3 AI Gorgon so I don’t see the reason why would it be impossible to get the Queen Gorgon skin.

And don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying that we only need Gorgon skins because we don’t.I’m sure the community would also be happy if we could get skins for Behemoth or the monster variations like Meteor Goliath.

There are also some skins (For example magma) that some people own and some doesn’t.I don’t know why can’t people buy it.I personally own the Founder’s Edition and I only got the TRS Gold skins for monsters but not the Magma or other skins which is weird for me.

I hope you guys can understand the point where I’m coming from

Thank you!


Lord, am I glad I still have Scarlet.


Same, when i play it peeps are like



I think the Scarab is the best Gorgon skin. But i don’t know if it is available right know. I have it because i bought the hunting season 2 pass.


Savage skin set is all I want. Pwetty pwease


I wish we can get all the same skins we had in legacy. Like Voodooo :scream: i miss that one.


That’s essentially the Scarlet skin, though.


Oh my God, voodoo Gorgon would be grand.


Remember Voodoo on Wraith? That was siiiiiick. I still miss all the savage skins and all the chanllenge ones. D: bring em back plz.


Dude, I’m on console. I still have all of them. :joy:



Yes, omfg. @Azmi_Anuar, God of Skins and Wrecking Balls.


@GrizzleMarine had a giveaway yesterday


Weren’t those skis for PCMR or getting the first season pass


Bow down to Queen Miley.


I don’t know to be honest,I have the Founder’s and the Monster expansion pack and I have the TRS Gold for Kraken,Wraith,Bob and gorgon