More skins for Behemoth?



Have there been any word on when there will be more skins for Behi? I saw Goliath got a tiger skin yesterday I think and Wraith a clownfish one, and while they look dapper(particulary Goliath, Tigol!) both of them got several skins now, while ol’ Rock Roller has three :frowning:

Not that I want to imply that Wraith and Goliath do not deserve their diversity, far from it, all I think is needed is that Turtle Rock Studios increase Behemoth’s allowance so that he(is Behemoth a boy?) can expand his wardrobe.

Some weeks ago I read that Behemoth’s skins were delayed, do anyone know when they will be avaiable?
Extra question: Jade Behemoth his eyes, what colour are they?

Thanks for reading.


only time will tell.


Heck, I play on PC and still only have access to the default skin. Only about 60 aerial tongue grabs from my Elite skin for Bob, but beyond that no skins for him have shown up on the PC shop.


I’ve got the Behemoth Jade and Elite Skin. There is a Sandstone skin for Behemoth, but I’m not sure if it’s out yet. My brother claimed to play against one two days ago, so it might be out in some regions but not others (like how Tiger Goliath was available on PS4’s in certain regions before everybody else), so hopefully it’ll be released for everybody soon enough. Beyond the Sandstone skin, I don’t know what else might be coming. As Oblivion said, only time will tell.


Ok, guys, roger that. Sandstone skin? Have there been pics of this one? I hope down the line Behemoth gets a dark skin, I think it would look terrific with the glowing magma areas on Mr. B. By the way is Jade Behemoth’s eyes bright yellow or bright green?

Keep whipping that tongue, CamoClad, get that albino skin for Behemoth, and killer-snowball your way to glory! :slight_smile:


His Golden skin is also coming down the line.


What about a Savage Is there one in the making ?



Make the Savage skin for Behemoth so he looks like a giant demon ball ^^


I want a big purple cosmic wrecking ball.