More postgame info


First of all, I fell in love with this game just like I did with L4D2. I think Turtlerock has understood where video games need to go (Destiny is the future of video games my ass). It is never love at first sight though with Turtlerock games! Some quirks in the visual presentation and a feeling of lacking physicality and feedback at first gave me the impression that the game wasn’t going to take off for me. But Wow was I wrong. The logics of this game are just sensational and the amount of coolness is awe inspiring.

One thing though is something I would sincerely wish for: Why does the postgame result only show my performance???

This is problematic because it gives rise to severe hating among players, such as players who basically let the whole team down - and everyone saw it - hating against players who performed incredibly well, telling them that their (!) performance was bad and the cause why the team lost.

And why is that??? Because there is no postgame roster showing the FACTS of who played well and who noobed out. Without that players who played shitty do not become humbled because they are not being shown how crappy their performance VIS A VIS the performances of the players who played well really is. Showing “you vs global aberage” does not disprove a frustrated player making up stuff postgame.

This is a competitive game. Give us potgame info that actually shows us who played well and who didn’t. I’m almost sure this would remedy the situation currently going on and help keep peace within a matchmade team of strangers.


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While I would like the ability to see my friends stats, I feel like then people would start making comparisons or whatever and basically turn it into a “Well i did…” Situation, and those almost always result in animosity between players, especially random people that don’t care who theyre calling out so things could easily get toxic, and thats never fun


Yeah but things are sometimes turning toxic the way it is. It’s not the first competitive game i’ve played, but surely the first that doesn’t show me exactly how well I have competed.

For example there is no way to tell now If a medic did a good job. It’s something people don’t notice. Sure you sort of have a feeling postgame, but since others don’t see the performance it happens a lot that people just blame the support classes (medic, support) for screwing it all up. As if in a soccer game, the goalkeeper’s performance is easily overlooked and he gets auto-blamed.

As players, we need to see the postgame results of each player just to make sense out of a session.

In L4D2 there was a table showing for example who dealt most damage to a witch or who got most melee kills and often I was surprised to see how well other players performed in “disciplines” I usually don’t consider as my play style. By showing me that, it became easier for me to apreciate another player’s performance, even if I didn’t pay attention to what they were focusing on.

In Evolve the same principle applies: Because this game suggests a certain way a role needs to be played, it would be important to have transparency on who did well.
I think people usually don’t blame somebody if thy see that she/he factually performed badly. The blaming starts if you don’t have transparency, because this opens the floodgate to randomly claiming stuff that cannot be easily disproved, espacially by classes who have to play defensively/low-profile by nature.

What I’m saying is that currently that those players who chose such classes are taking more shit by default, sadly regardless of their performance.