More options in custom matches


Me, my friends and I think a lot of the evolve community would love to see more variety in custom matches. Things like having multiple hunters of the same class and multiple MONSTERS! Almost everyone I’ve talked to has mentioned something about how fun it would be to play a match with multiple hunters of the same class like 4 buckets?! And many more variations of that. I think it would give a lot of variety to the game


TRS fool’s around with stuff like that and sometimes gives us a peek. Once they did four Lennoxes, four Sunny’s, four Vals, etc.


Speaking of which, anyone have a video of that, if like to see it Kappa


I believe it’s on their twitch somewhere unless it’s been deleted.


on the note of a change I want to see round robin change the map so you can actual simulate hunt with 4 of your friends


I loved that idea lol

Add an option to leader to give permission to use multiple hunters at the same class

Or it could be 2 monsters <3

It would be so much fun to play it


Recorded sessions delete after 60 days.


Hmm. @Chloe @LadieAuPair @Shaners, any of you ladies happen to know where we might find the recordings?


Not if they are saved as Highlights.
And it looks like TRS saves all their streams as highlights.

Go to this:
Scroll down and let your browser load many more videos
Then search the site for “What if” to find matches with 4x Lennox and 4x Jack.

I haven’t found more than those two streams, but it’s more than nothing :slightly_smiling:


We highlight all of our streams, you just have to search the highlights.


Chloe any info on whether this could actually happen?


From the telemetry information, they saw that custom games are played a lot more than they probably thought. They did say they might look into updating things for custom games


Everyone I’ve talked to says they would love mixing hunters from different classes. I don’t know how 2 monsters would work with only 4 hunters but I know the game can support it because there used to be a glitch where it would happen


You could have a duplicate option where you get 8 hunters instead of 4 with 2 monsters. I’ve been in a glitches game with 2 kraken a and they will wreck a team.

The duplicate mode could also have teams where a monster can attack only a group of assigned hunters, so it won’t be much of a gangrape.

  • imagine a game of 8 lazes. EPIC


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