More News About Kala? (Clickbait But Not Really But Not News)


For some reason I decided to go back to and if you go to the blog you will see a new blog above the thing for Shear is…

Dr. Kala Kapur do you think she is a Doctor or at least another scientist? Maybe her last name is Kapur too, who knows only time will tell!

But Kala (as it is her name) and the “Dr.” part goes very well for the theme of T5 another theme is they are all related. Somehow I think that the lady in the tweet Matthew made was Lennox talking to Kala as if she hasn’t seen her in forever and Jack and Lennox have a high IQ while EMET was made by Jack I feel like this makes no sense let me sum it up:

Lennox is Jack’s mom
Jack made EMET
Lennox is friends with Kala

See could all be related or! Is Kala Lennox’s daughter?

Oh and the Dr. part fits in because they are all smart :stuck_out_tongue:

Kala Kapur Preview Thread [Full Reveal out now]

Well Kala has already been confirmed to be not related to the previous t5 characters. I also think we’re keeping these type of things in the main thread @Buckets_Sentry_Gun?


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Yeah, you can keep the discussion in the main thread, nice theory btw! :smile: