More Monsters?


Judging by the title it may seem like just another request for more monsters on top of our current lineup, but one thing that was a little off putting to me in the beginning, and may very well be one reason for the dwindling player base, is how Evolve only allows for 4vs1 PvP. I’m not saying replace the core concept, but perhaps an additional game mode.

Left 4 Dead’s online multiplayer was a lot of fun because it pitted two equally numbered teams against each other, which got me to thinking how that may workout as an additional game mode in Evolve. The monster is basically a glorified tank from L4D so limit the monster to something around half of a level 1 monster and throw in three other smaller, monster support roles to counterbalance the other hunter roles.

This would allow for beginners to dip their feet in, rather than getting tossed into a match as the monster for the first time. The 4vs4 model was great because it was interesting to see how each person on both teams would impact the game in their own ways.


This game is based on the fact that the monsters are stronger than you in all possible ways and that without your team you will lose badly. I don’t know why you got this game if you expected 4v4 or were hoping 4v4 would be included.


It wouldn’t fit into the mold of the game.


As an additional game mode, not to replace the current 4v1. This game is suffering a fate much like Titanfall and will soon be a running joke… just like Titanfall. At least with a 4v4 mode there is a chance more people would pick it up.


Youre aware that titanfall is considered a comercial success, right? In fact it was considered successful enough to be able to announce a sequel. Also, Evolve is new, diffrent. A niche game. Niche games start small and then gain tractiln.

If evolve has done nothing else, its already made more money than titanfalle. In 2k eyes. Thats a commercial success. Not some running joke. I dont think i like your attitude.


How about four hunters and one monster vs four hunters and one monster?


I actually think this idea is a good one to look into. Maybe not right now, but definitely down the road.

The core of Evolve is definitely the 4v1, yes. Nobody is arguing that, and that’s what keeps the core audience around, the 4v1.

But even games like League of Legends have at least experimented with changing up their typical format for some more interesting gametypes to pull in a different audience. 5v5 changes to 3v3, changes to 5v5-super-low-cooldowns, changes to 6v6…
They all help draw in and keep an audience that may not just be ready for the standard standard game mode, and if done right might be a way to inject some more fun into the game.

I for one played a lot of Left 4 Dead 2, a 4v4 game, but enjoyed L4D2 way more after I found some custom 10v10 servers. Sure 10v10 breaks the core game’s focus a little, but wow was that fun, and an absolutely necessary change of pace to keep me playing for a hundred more hours.

Anyway, I just think they should take ideas like this into consideration.


And I would play the hell out of that gametype as well.


Quit lying out your goddamn ass, that’s Evolve’s playerbase.


Exactly and TRS seems like they care enough about what they do to create something as unique as Evolve. Although, I could easily see how getting stuck as the monster right after launching the game for the first time could feel a little daunting, not to mention the learning curve.


That’s pc, there are two other platforms.


I wouldn’t say Evolve has a low player count because its 4v1. I think its just a lot of bad press, and the DLC hate, so I think PC sales got hit because of this.


it dosnt matter if its a commercial succes once it finally got out it became a running joke because everyone saw it would die quickly it may succesfully have sold copies but it dosnt stop it from being a joke people wont play if they have a plan of titanfall 2 or evolve 2 (which they probaly do with titanfall atleast) then peple wont fall into the hype as they did with the first one it would be better to have a good game then just a bait n switch so you could continue selling copies over time and even make a succesfull sequel


Like the man said. Pc has the worst playerbase. Same thing with titanfall. In fact, funnily enough i can still play pilot hunter & CtF a year after launch… huh, its almost as if us filthy console players will be playing evolve alot longer than you.

Bait & switch? Where? Both Respawn & trs gave us exactly what they promised. In fact it’s almost like you must be thinking of Bungie’s estiny or bungie’s openworld neverending gameplay for halo 2-reach.

TRS never once lied about Evolve, which led to the dlc marketing fiasco but they never lied.


This is only based off steam. Consoles could have a thriving player base.


i know i dont know why i said bait and switch it really dosnt f it anywhere with evolve but truth is evolve gets repetetive with its main mode hunt being the only thing that is truly fun lol would be fun to see something diffrent in it like op suggested


I agree with you 100% a new GOOD gamemode would be fantastic.

Nest and rescue just doesnt cut it. Hell i’d take a monster wave mode like firefight from Halo. Something to play with friends but no one can play monster. Much like the cutscenes from the last round of evacuation.


Back up your argument with more detail and info buddy. thats just PC. Do realize that Xbox and ps4 communities are big and still growing.


They are. They’re at 27.1k players and still growing compared to When it first came out it which the player count was at 4k


That’s probably where I confused everyone, I was only looking for an addition to the game, not a replacement. I don’t always mind being the monster, especially after Behemoth came out I was a monster for a good part of the month, but it can get lonely.