More Monster Victory Screens


I love the Monster Victory Screens but it would be cool if every Monster hv like 3 different Victory Screens
i think it would be great for this ppl Who just play 1 Monster and must see the same Victory Screen over and over again

and i think this will make more fun to Win as Monster ^^

plz TRS make it happend


I like how Gorgon’s win screen is different than the others, or how, sometimes, the screen zooms upwards instead of staying level. So yeah, I agree


I’d be on board with this. Even if we didn’t get extra unique victory screens for the original Monsters, adaptations should have their own victory screens.


Personally I’d like to see Meaty have something like this

Where he roars then spins around, breathing fire and torching things as a sign of dominance.


I hv a idea for a new one for Gorgon
what is if she eats her worms kinda like on her Character SelectIon Screen it will make her more Creepy

i would love to see that


Kraken could like walk away from the screen but turn then lightning starts striking everywhere as it roars towards the camara


I can imagine some cool stuff, like if Wraith warped away into the distance or if Goliath sprayed leaped towards the camera. It would be really cool!


We should definitely have more victory screens!

Especially for the relay win. Meaty and Og always breathe fire into the air and then with a dramatic camera turn you see them roar.

Every other Monster though? Ehhh. They all do a roar or something and then just stare at the relay thinking about life or something, idk. Then, all we get is a back shot as the screen turns black.

More victory screens would be amazing.


Victory screens of Gorgon eating human corpses would be pretty cool/creepy, a little morose maybe.


I’d say give everyone more victory screens, both Hunters and Monsters alike.

That said, I’m not entirely sure exactly what else you could do to give the Hunters more victory screens. Perhaps have them walking back towards their ship, weapons slung over their shoulders/giving some kind of gestures/flipping off the monster’s corpse/whatever.


I always wished for fatalities on the Victory screens. But then, I’m a fan of brutality in games.

Different fatalities selected at Character Selection so you can mix it up match-by-match if you so desire. Close ups of the last Hunter getting Mauled, torn in half, perhaps picked up, beaten on the ground a few times then swallowed whole. You know. Things like that.

And of course, some for Hunters too. Kill-shots presented in a semi-cinematic fashion, chosen based on what Hunters were still alive, then randomly chooses a Hunter then plays their “fatality” chosen for that match. Hunters dodging around Goliath as he futilely swats around, grabbing a rock just as an Orbital smashes through the rock and lands square in the back of his head, coldly finishing it. Nice one, Hank!

Hell, while we’re at it… Wildlife too! That Reaver get that last hit on the final Hunter? Show it leaping onto their back as they flee (Or face. Wherever) and showing that Hunter the business ends of their claws, scratching furiously at their face as the Hunter screams, falling over. Then the Reaver starts dragging them off to their den. Or just starts eating them right there.

Ah, but then, that’s a lot of work I’d imagine. Still, I like to dream :stuck_out_tongue:


This would probably require a bit more [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5)̲̅$̲̅]'s.


-Monster wins-

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fixed it for ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Well, whenever I played Kraken in a custom game, I always make it a point to make sure stormy weather is available. Kraken’s victory screen pose + rain and lightning is just pure badass. Bonus points if done at full health and near-full armor.

Otherwise, yeah, I do like to see more victory screens. Not a big concern of course because can’t really expect much from Monsters who can’t speak or behave in a cocky manner but would be cool if there are random variations. Same goes for Hunters. Would also love it if Kraken’s victory roar summons rain or Behemoth’s victory roar summons a sandstorm/ash rain.


Goliath destroying the Power Relay.

Now that is the best damn victory animation in the game.
You can just feel the pride and adrenaline from Goliath who emerged victorious.