More monster skills!


I think it would be awesome to have some additional skills for each monster to increase play style variety. I think this would be really fun because if one skill isnt liked then you dont get much play variety and your not feeling so repetitive with only playing one way with your monsters all the time.


Eh, I’d rather have a new monster to shake up the meta. Have some more interesting monsters that way we can get some new meta. Monsters that can counter Caira and Hank but lose to Slim and Griffin.


I agree 100% new monsters but this post is in hopes of TRS actually making enough money to be able add more than just new people and skins.


New skills sounds like a decent idea, when they stop creating more monsters; or at least slow down on their new designs/ideas.


Bah, its already feeling pretty slow. Looking like a monster per 6 months which is a long long long wait honestly. Skills would keep me occupied especially when star citizen comes out and i drop all other games T.T


I’d be alright with the same number we have. But then again, I’m the type that doesn’t mind playing with 20 characters. Enough diversity for me. O.o

But have patience, they are still making new stuff.


Yeah im trying to wait as long as i can. The bugs are so killer, my two favorite monsters make me rage krakens broken on the cc side and behemoth still doesnt move and cast reliably enough for me to not rage quit on skilled teams. Wraith is just… well lets put it like this, shes OP to the point of broken in pubs, s3 wb is all i need to win and evolving is only for hp and the surprise teams that can actually do something. The rest of wraiths kit is only useful in pubs i find, sn is beyond easy to get out of and since wraith does a heavy as soon as its activated nearly every time the hunters basicly get knocked most of the way out of it anyways, abduction is as slow as a goliaths rock throw so the only way to make it useful Against good players is by abducting at super far ranges. i have a whole post on decoy, we know its derpy and useless. Goliath is well rounded but too “normal” at this point for me. I guess im just picky or something but i do want something more for the monsters, maybe none of these monsters suit the play style i really really want but i wont really notice that until i play a monster with the play style that seems natural to me.


I think the skill point system provides plenty enough variety on its own.


Bleh… u get 4 skills end of story… diversity? I think not!


I’d rather have new, interesting monster that have new skills geared toward a new playstyle.
That in mind, I secretly have my own ideas for new skills for the current monsters. Keeping them close just In case of a sequel. :slight_smile:


Id second this but i personally feel like itll be a new tier every 6 or so months. I just want something new with the current monsters to keep me hooked that way im not just playing the 4 monsters and by the time the 5th monster comes out ill be too tired of the other 4 since im not truely able to change up my play style per monster so much. Then id have to wait another super long wait time for the next monster and ill probably end up getting tired of the 5th monster by that time. I cant really stick to one thing for half a year, and im not much of a hunter so i dont think ill last long on this game. Even though i fucking love it.


I really doubt it would take 6 months for 1 teir.
I’m expecting the new teir sometime in June or July.
Maybe a trailer at E3.


August is the 6 month mark. So im hoping for TWO momsters by christmas this year. Star citizen should be coming out around then or a little while after (i hope) . So thats my personal deadline for TRS to impress me :slight_smile:


Well, the content got released march 31st. 6 months would basically be september.


Yeah bad math on my part but i feel like we have known about the behemoth and have had teasers almost since release (probably end of february) so im just dieing for teasers now.


Wat is star citizen?


Go where no game has gone before :slight_smile:


In time

10 chars


Yeah dont remind me :,(


Remember, I love u lol