More monster abilities


Would absolutely love more monster abilities. Specifically, some more “ambiance” or trick abilities.

  1. Goliath Roar: A debuff usable to help pose for horror factor. Would be great if it provided an accuracy debuff for a few minutes. I don’t know why… but I always feel like the goliath is a poser.

  2. Kraken: The cause thunder storms once per map. Can wash away tracks.

  3. Wraith: Ventriloquate… send is “chittering” sound to other places, throwing off hunters. repeatable and spammable.

  4. Behemoth… I dunno what I want… maybe the ability to shoot mini-ball’s out that create false tracks until they hit something.

Not game breaking abilities, but something to add another layer of sophistication to the hunt.


Maybe if you could still only have 4 abilities at a time. Otherwise no.