More menu music


something little to add more variety in the main menus I would like it not sure if anyone else will the song is getting old on the ears


Yea, definitely needed to be changed

Even Minecraft changed their music


It would be nice I guess. I’d rather them focus their musical resources on the new IP. It still has a chance.

But, if they have the time, it would make a world of difference.


Good point


but whats the new ip about


I turned the music off in my game.

I liked it for a while but I found it repetitive and now I hear all the lovely sound effects in game.


No one knows

It’s announced


I just want moar monsters and stuff why must they make another IP


Beats me, half of us are scared that this is bad for Evolve and the other half is excited to see the new game


yes, more music!


i wouldn’t mind as long as evolve is supported


I think the music is fine. I’m not in menus more than 2 minutes to really notice it.


unless you play hunt 2.0


On Xbox I don’t wait that long either.


I’d imagine it would be for a while yet; they ARE hiring for the new IP. To me that could be a good sign, bringing more on the team insread of retasking everyone to the new one.

With my luck though, they just want a little bigger of a team before they all start the new one, but I can dream :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t that important to me, seeing as to how you’re on the homescreen for maybe… 2 minutes or less.


Yeah i turn it off or on really low,does my head in at least they could add some more easy on the ears music!


I want an evolve 8bit theme that can be activated by pressing “W S W S A D A D spacebar enter” in the my2k initial screen login

“^ v ^ v < > < > B A” for console…


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