More Matchmaking Frustration


An hour and a half in, in the barren league known as Silver Elite, just wanting one simple monster game… no luck my friends.

Seriously I love this game but hunt 2.0, good gosh the matmatchmaking is frustrating :frowning: got any matchmaking stories of filled with frustration?


Plenty, but if you are literally just waiting for a game it’ll be brutal constantly. Find something else to do in the breaks. I like to recommend picking up an instrument, or doing homework/studying if you’re in school.


YouTube, movies.

Did you post on the forums when you were online/console? I’ve heard that helps


I love playing as monster but don’t get to enough due to the crazy wait times.

The worst is when I wait for ages to play as monster and halfway thru the match it boots me to the dashboard. Makes me wanna cry.

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Do a workout when waiting for matches. You’ll go from Behemoth to Goliath in no time!


This is a great idea. I might do this for real.


Whenever I have people online, so play hunters there’s too many hunters.
Whenever I’m alone so play monster, there’s too many monsters.

Why lord, why :open_mouth:

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You should be happy there’s too many monsters. That means monsters are winning the planet…


Or you could start playing hunter, if a bunch of people did that the matchmaking would start actually working. Other than that, just play skirmish if youre tired of the waits.