More info on weird 2-bar-health, "tiny monster" bug

I don’t remember where I saw the related topic before, but it was awhile back. There is a bug where a player will join a game, but they won’t be a hunter or a monster. Instead, they’ll be… something interesting.

In this image, the match has just started. I’m sure some of you have seen this kind of screenshot before. 2 bars of health, tiny shred of real health. Clearly monster hud but no monster.

Then I started roaming around, at a slow pace. I believe I was running as fast as a hunter. During my stroll, I fell off a rock into the river, here. What struck me as odd is that I sounded like Cabot. I grunted when I hit the ground. I then discovered I couldn’t jump or jet pack or climb any surfaces.

Trying to gather as much information about this bug as possible, I present to you the final screenshot. I scribbled out the other players’ names. Although looking back maybe I should have kept them in there so we could try, as a community, to track them down and ask what they saw from their perspective. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to overwrite the original file, but I still remember Bacon, the support. Mmm Bacon.

This match started at about 8:43 Pacific Time.
As far as I’m aware, they were facing a Wraith (although I never saw whether or not it was a bot or another player).

I believe this is part of the wildlife bug, where you show up as an invisible Marsh Strider. Nice work pulling the information together!

But I didn’t make any cute little noises. :blush:

You’re a canyon/marsh strider. I saw this bug pop up on girthzilla’s stream once. He ran around for a bit triggering birds while the hunters chased a bot monster (and got confused by the birds XD) till one of them shot him. Once strider-zilla died, it let him take over the goliath, but IIRC his UI didn’t come up so he couldn’t see his health or abilities.
I wish I remembered when this was though.

Here is a video of when it happened to me during the Big Alpha.

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this happened to me the other day. I joined into a game right at the begining of the match as monster but i had this bug occur. I knew i was monster because a spawned in the monsters location and when i hold T it had my name under the monster. All the same as you said. I think the monster was wraith too. The hunters couldn’t see me or anything because i found them and walked next to them. Different map though I cant remember the name).

This has happened to me twice on xbox1. Both times I usually get in the way of the monster, it kills me, then I can take over the monster. Very weird.