More Hunter Pets


As the title says there should be a pet for every class, and when I say pet I mean a kill-able pet like Daisy. What creatures would you like to see?


[quote=“Magnus_Medic, post:1, topic:99539”]
What creatures would you like to see?
[/quote]Too much?


I don’t think it should happen, personally. Daisy can be enough of a pain on her own, especially considering the amount of utility she has reviving teammates.

Also, at one point, deployables were reduced to avoid the Monster having to fight too many things that weren’t Hunters. Pets would reintroduce that in a whole new way. On top of that, they HAVE you be killed for the Monster to win without the relay.

In the end, it would add a lot more trouble and be really unbalanced in the long run, creating a team of effectively 8 and creating far too many things to keep track of.


Well, if every character was Crow everyone would have Gobi. Problem solved.


Kala could open a portal and summon a blue whale to crush the Monster


What if a hunter could turn wildlife friendly? Then you could have your very own Dune Beetle…


That’s I want from a hunter TRS please


A Blitz leopard pet would be sick.


Only if it doesn’t take out an ability

The reason i dont play maggie is she basically only has 1 ability.Daisy is a passive slot which i dont find interesting


I would need to be an ability though


Soon enough you will have 4 Crows running around. Don’t worry.


Not exactly- he wants:[quote=“Magnus_Medic, post:1, topic:99539”]
I mean a kill-able pet like Daisy.

Gobi’s really just a tool. Not really a pet, sadly.

And I want a dog. Like a normal Earth-dog style dog. :smiley:


Imagine a support that had 3 obsidian grubs and they had shield generators on them and for you are close they will sheid you