More hunter executions


Like how Goliath picks up a hunter and slams him down as the last hit, can we get more of those animations? I think I’d be really cool to have some variety, it’s always the same one every time =[



I absolutely love Goliath and Wraith’s kill roar animations. I wish Kraken had one… Please let us have some more D:

(Changed to Suggestions so hopefully it can be a thing)


Can we also get different dying animations of monsters then? :s


Well there’s one for each Monster. Goliath grabs a Hunter, roars in their face and slams them down. Wraith impales a Hunter and screeches at them then throws them off her scythe, and both Kraken and Behemoth just pick up the Hunter and slam it.


That would also be cool. Perhaps different ones for different stages?


But facepalm Goliath and seizure Wraith and Kraken ;-;


Okay that’d be awesome.


I’ve never seen this kraken one o.O And I’ve played a lot of Kraken… Or maybe I have and it just doesn’t spring to mind…? But as far as I’m aware, I’ve never seen this.

Edit: okay, wait no, I think I might remember it…

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That would also be cool, like last hunter hit blows off whatever body part it hits


I believe you have to melee them, only works that way


When he dies he sort of spazzes out in the air then ragdoll a with his skin bubbling and cracklings.

EDIT- Sorry thought you meant the monster death one, my bad.

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:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks anyway.

@TrickyMrGreen Yep, I remember now. It’s rare for me to get those melee kills, so I guess that’s why it slipped my mind…

One thing I love doing (I wonder how many others do this) is when you melee kill a hunter as Goliath and initiate the roar scene, you can leapsmash, so it looks like you grab the hunter, roar at them, leap and smash them into the ground. That is so so SOOOOO satisfying, especially against a hunter that’s been annoying you all game. Makes you feel like a true boss monster.

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You have to have Goliath pick up hunter and do a bay fire breath on him and throw him, or kraken grab hunter and electrocute for a sec, or behemoth picks up hunter with tongue and throws him around, etc


I would like it if kraken pulls a hunter apart using both of his tentacles


Behemoth pick up a hunter, and smash him/her between two fists before casually tossing him/her over its shoulder.


But then Laz… And incap state… Can’t have animations that actually dismember or “kill” the character. The body should remain whole when on the ground, and allow transition into incap state. Something like what @Wolfgang said would be suitable.

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Than kraken will just pick up the hunter with both tentacles wrapped around and smash the hunter into the ground. Problem solved

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But that’s boring, it’s pretty much what they do now, you need to have something cool like electrocuting them or something

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They should have one of Behemoth where a lavabomb gets stuck in his throat and it blows up inside of him. You could see his guts coming out of cracks in his armor, and he just starts glowing red.

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Skyrim executions on a dragon. Anyone? No? Alright, @Pythios would be happy if dragons would stop being executed though.

I’m getting at hunters executing the monster for once, btw. ^.^
Last person to deal the finishing shot or something.