More group friendly game


So I love this game. I’ve played since the alpha beta, and really enjoyed what you guys have done since then. The only thing that bothers me with this game is that it seems way more friendly to solo players than people with a group of friends. I tend to play with my brother and one of our other friends, and it takes us forever to find a game. Often times we end up with us three and bots for the rest because no other players were found for whatever reason. I would love to be able to actually experience the game with my friends instead of having to solo to get a decent experience. I also think that if you’re involved in a group you should still be able to play the monster, I don’t quite understand why you can’t. It just seems silly to me to take away one of the biggest aspects of the game just because we play as a group vs solo. Hopefully others feel the same and this becomes an actual thing.


You are not alone. This has been a complaint by many people already, but I’m glad to see it again :smile:


I would guess this is to reduce the hunters teaming up with monsters and picking up on other hunters. I kinda of agree with the current setup. When in party do not allow them to play as monster. If you want one of your friends to play the monster. Play custom.


are u guys 40?

when we are quieing with 3 or 4 ppl we have to wait 20 sec’s at MAX