More games with characters like evolve

I’m looking for some more games with a set group of different heroes each with different abilities and playstyles.
I know of evolve, the borderlands series, tons of moba games (dota, lol, battleborn, overwatch, gigantic, strife, smite, heroes of the storm), warframe, and a few ive probably forgotten about. Could anyone please suggest a few, they can be on any console and any age, its more of a research endeavour than looking for something to play. Please and thankyou

I’ve been playing the Siege beta a bit over the past week. There are different characters each with their own kits and play styles. And 2 sides to each game. Attack and Defense. I have to say, I’ve been enjoying it. It’s never going to unseat Evolve but it’s nice to have a fallback option to when Evolve is kicking my ass, as it tends to do some nights.

There were 7 characters from each side in the beta with an additional 3 from each side set to come with the full game. There isn’t a whole lot of personality to the characters, like in Evolve, but there is some.

Sadly the beta is ending tonight so it’s a bit late to the party however there’s probably plenty of footage out there to check out. I’ll be picking it up in December though :stuck_out_tongue:

Closest thing I got is depth. the sharks are very unique and fun to play as. the divers are fairly generic though.

as in there aren’t specific classes

Okay thankyou, ill definitely check out both

I would love 2 see a Mortal Kombat game whit Lennox xDD