First things first, I love Evolve. I will even love it if it stays as it is. However, after watching TotalBiscuit’s WTF Is… on Evolve, he made some VERY interesting points.

The game feels a bit empty when the hunters and monster ARENT fighting. The hunters just chase and chase until they find him (or not) and the only real other objective is to maybe kill perk wildlife.

What if there were more interactable map environments? Some ways to set traps for the monster, or maybe if the monster can find some sort of nest (full of nasty phantoms?) and stir them up, creating a hazard for the Hunters.

An interesting point he made was the possibility of holding a point in the map that would accelerate dropship timers, so that if the hunters lose a medic early on they aren’t entirely screwed. It would also create more engagement opportunities than just “Oh the hunters domed me” or “Well, stage three time to roll faces”

Any ideas for these types of mechanics?


Could be used as Map Perks and/or game modes in the future. However, the name of the game is Hunting. Hunting isn’t all combat and glory.


not gonna lie tho. setting up bait traps to hurt or slow the monster to help in tracking it down for the kill is normal in real life hunting. . it would indeed be nice. they might be too obvious as we are not dealing with ai. a smart monster will notice it immediately.


It would be awesome to see an epic game mode with these types of objectives. Add in minions fighting with colonists to create some constant action in the center where battles can be initiated from either side. :smile:


It could be interesting, though the core problem with the chase is the Monster’s advantage in the Hunt portion of the game.

I liked TB’s idea of going somewhere to accelerate the dropship timer.

Nest and Rescue mode both add some measure of complications to the map, but it could be interesting to have options that aren’t strictly tied to a win condition.

Aside the dropship idea, nothing springs to mind that wouldn’t be best as an alternate game mode.

Awhile back I had an idea for a game mode called Hoard where Ebonstar soldiers would drop in for the Hunters and Minions would spawn for the Hunters.

Minions would be limited to a cap of one, but Ebonstar soldiers would keep spawning indefinitely.

The Monster would have a Minion to either delay the Hunters or help kill them, but would need to ensure that the Ebonstar backup couldn’t get too out of hand.


Battles either side could intervene in for some benefit is certainly an interesting idea.


This might have been misinterpreted… I am talking about certain map mechanics that could show up in any game mode. Something that each side would have to spend a little time, to get some sort of benefit. The monster could harass a trapjaw den, for example. This would rile them up and they would start sniffing out the hunters, or vice versa. Maybe the monster could swat at a nest of Phantoms, unleashing them in an area to slow up the hunters.

The hunters could capture a point that creates a giant harpoon trap, that would deal a bit of damage to the monster, and hoist them into the air until they could whack the cable a few times.

The hunters could prime and/or trigger an electric trap in a big puddle to slow/damage the monster.

Ideas like this could add a lot of interesting gameplay, although they would probably be disabled in competetive/tournament play.