More Female Hunters For DLC?


As you can tell there aren’t many female hunters currently in the game.
Assault: 3/3 are male
Medic: To be fair there are more female medics 1/3 are male
Support: 3/3 are male
Trapper: 2/3 are male

9/12 hunters are male, I hope the new DLC can help add some new female hunters to the mix, especially assault and support who have only male characters. I’m not calling out Evolve on sexism I just would hate the game to spiral into male characters heavily out-weighing their female counterparts in numbers. This game is fresh and new and surprisingly not completely targeted for teenage guys, like most mainstream titles (I’m looking at you CoD) Again love the game and all DLC that may or may not come along :blush:

P.S If anyone has any information on the new hunters then please share or drop a link to sources, I’m always intrigued at what Turtle Rock Studios will throw our way next


Well actually if you look at the shadows for the 4th tier hunters you can see what looks like 2 female hunters,so I’m hoping for a female assault/support.


We will be seeing more females…I sense it in my blood. Also, the Tier 4’s give away at least 1 female which I think will be support this go-around. I’m still hoping for a big beefy gal viking princess style for assault but the tier 4 looks more like a robot to me, but we’ll have to wait and see. Evolve actually has a lot going for it right now with it’s male/female balance. As a female player I have to say I am happy with what we have in the finished game already and am thrilled to see more, but I do not need a 50/50 balance since I think that’s unrealistic. One female in each class makes me happy to see the future… and what we have already sets Evolve apart more than some games in embracing female characters and female players.


This whole point of “Equality means an equal number of male and females” was already discussed at length.

Do you consider the IT sector sexist or unequal because currently there is a 8:1 ratio of men in it to women? What if women weren’t interested in tech at that level as much as men? It would only be natural for there to be more men in that case.

This is the basis behind us stating that “equal number of genders isn’t realistic, it’s more Political Correctness and idealistic”. That being said, I couldn’t care less whether there were more females, males, automatons or even aliens. Gender doesn’t mean a thing to me. I play the Hunter based on what they bring to the team.


The robot looking assault could be a female assault in an exo suit which would be very cool.


I think it often degrades to a little obsessive compulsive behavior if we talk about these things. Why does every gender have to be represented equally, is it sexist against men that there’s more women in healthcare sector ? Is it sexist that there’s less women in the army. Do we need to start indoctrinate women to become soldiers (or do the same to men to become male nurses) just to have a 50% equality ? Isn’t that a bit absurd ? Can’t it be just like you know… whoever does what they like to do.

You could see conspiracy everywhere, a female assault could be an insult to lesbian “butch” types, and I still like that one TRS guy’s answer best when somebody asked why there’s 2 female medics.

“sorry but we just ran out of genders” :slight_smile:

Wait, why also not a transgender hunter ? We are totally discriminating them :stuck_out_tongue:


I like playing as my gender(male) and I’m sure women like being able to play as their gender so if they don’t have the option to play as their gender they don’t enjoy it quite as much. If there is the option but they don’t like that assault or support then I think its not quite so bad generally. I don’t like not having options but if I have the option and choose not to use it I generally feel better.


Does anyone have any idea when approximately the tier 4 hunters are going to be revealed?


Maybe the week leading up to release they’ll show them off but I don’t think they’ll be released for awhile.


That would be awesome. Let’s hope for it.



We’re not saying that games with more men than women are necessarily sexist; random distributions happen all the time, but most action games are almost entirely men and TRS have the option to buck that trend, at least a little bit by not making nearly everyone in this new sci-fi profession (Interstellar monster hunter) as male (unless you’re the healer).

It’s not like every game needs an exact 50-50 split, but what does it hurt to have better than 1/4? I’m sure there’s no shortage of awesome female character concepts between your designers, so why not?


I meant more females, not a 50/50 balance, like I said I was looking for a few more females. At least one female per class would be nice. You guys talking about a female in an Exo Suit reminds me so much of Samus! Just me? :laughing:
I heard the DLC are being released in Spring. A vague statement but that should mean roughly after launch, hope we don’t wait to long :smile:


Um, the game releases Feb 10… Spring ends June 20th , 2015. It can be a good 4 months after the game releases at worst.


Spring starts (in Canada) March 20th so it should be atleast a month maybe a bit less I don’t think they’ll release as soon as spring starts. In spring makes me think middle of it.


Yeah I tend to get my hopes up about these kind of things. But I would have thought if they are releasing the tier 4 hunters then will they release the tier 4 monster “Behemoth” along with them? Plus as soon as Easter is over I tend to count May as Summer. Also I love the 4th of May because you can go around to your friends that like Star Wars and be like “May the 4th be with you”


I thought they’d release the monster first and then release the hunters.


The gender of the characters should fit for those created characters not just because you want equality because that right there is gender discrimination. If a gender fits a certain character more then that’s what counts.


this shit is stupid there is gonna be more female characters lol


I’m sorry bro but bucket isn’t male, it’s a robot, the difference is real. @SlinkyGuy, could you confirm that?


Uuuuuh I, ummmmm. . .